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Daft Punk Hostility

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So ive been reading down a couple of posts for some new music, and I noticed alot of members talking down on Daft Punk and their albums. Im not the biggest Daft Punk fan, my girlfriend is, but I do listen to Discovery once in a while and find it a good album. By no means, an 'audiophile' album, but just good music. So what are the complaints?
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They, along with Justice, Boys Noize, and most other electrodance groups bore me to tears. Monotony and repetition just doesn't click with me.
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I like them. Can't say I love then. But they were the first electronic group I got into.
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No hate, I appreciate. I went sober to the ALIVE 2007 concert in LA and I left with my senses in a whirlwind - truly an euphoric experience. 'Prime Time Of Your Life - Brainwashers' segment with the duo a top the pyramid along with the spacey visuals was face melting.

I understand that they are composing the soundtrack for the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie but I do hope they have future plans for another studio album.
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I wouldn't consider it "good" music, but it has its place.
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No dislike option?

Going to have to go with hate, then.
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What's to hate?
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Originally Posted by tru blu View Post
What's to hate?
Robots taking our jobs.
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I enjoy listening to DP.
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A lot better than what passes as electronic these days.
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The thing I find amazing about Daft Punk is how ahead of the curve they've proven to be with regards to the sounds and styles used in current pop. I'm not sure if that's what they've aimed to do but look at how long ago Human After All came out and listen to the current charts. All (ok, most) seem to have some Daft Punk in there somewhere.

Human After All was an almost philosophical treatise on the use of loops and effects. I know I'm now waxing lyrical and sounding like a pseud but they're like the Miles Davis of Electronic Pop. By that I mean they create stuff that can at times be unlistenable but then it seeps down into all levels of music.

Ok, that's my 2 cents and if you hadn't already guess I love 'em.
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how about a "don't care" option?
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Originally Posted by JadeEast View Post
Robots taking our jobs.
…um…Oh, puh-leeze!
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I like Daft Punk, but I can't say I spend any time listening to them.
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I sometimes play 'Homework' but two times or more in a row is too much. I find Daft Punk awesome just for the long version of 'Around The World' because it's infectious and original at the same time. Just for that track I cannot dislike Daft Punk.
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