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Klipsch Custom series re-cable

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I've come across countless posts about the crappy cable on the Klipsch Custom series and several people have asked about recabling them. I recently made a pair of IEMs so my Custom 2s became expendable. While I didn't actually recable them I was curious to open them up and take a look, so I thought I share the photos. After popping them open I think recabling would be pretty easy.

First you want to take off the eargel:

Next, pry off the little ring:

Find the seam that runs down the middle of the shell:

Use a razor blade or something and just pop it open:

The back plate just comes off:

The wires run through the plastic piece that sits over the back of your ear and just terminate to the driver:

The driver is encased in a two part silicone mold:

I was curious to take a look at it since I've now seen a few of the Knowles drivers. The silicone mold just comes apart. It looks exactly like the Knowles DTEC driver:

So, it would basically be a matter of taking out the plastic thing that goes over your ear (I don't really know what to call it). In addition to the wiring there's a metal wire that forms the bend, the end of it just sits in a little notch in the shell (I couldn't really get a good photo of it). Pop that out, desolder the connections from the driver, and you can probably figure out the rest. Granted this is the Custom 2 which is a single dual driver, the Custom 3 has this driver plus a low frequency driver so there will be some additional wiring and probably some kind of passive crossover to deal with.
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interesting, maybe something ill try when mine die (note i say when not if)

ive no doubts that my custom 3 will die before anything else and it will be my first thing to go away for remoulding
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Wow, thanks for this!
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Please forgive my ignorance, but i have a pair of these and really like them (after i had my shure 310s stolen).

The left headphone had stopped working and i need to replace the cable. I just wanted to know what type of cable i would need as these are dual drivers, is it different to the normal? Also how would i solder the wire to eqch part of the headphone itself? I guess there are more than one parts to connect the cables too.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

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Ok I'm reviving this old thread because I'm thinking about getting the Custom 3's but I have the same questions as courboy. Can you use any headphone cable to replace these or is there something specific you'd have to use? What do some of you recommend?

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OK. I am re-reviving this old thread because I have just ordered a set of Custom 3's (after spending days on end on this forum. Thank you all!) and I know I will be recabling them soon enough because of the issues with the cables and because I love to mod things. 


I am not looking to spend a great deal of money on some exotic Oxygen free 24K pure Gold wires. 


That said. I have been looking around for some custom cabling, but because the word 'custom' is in my search term I don't find anything cheap.


Was thinking about ordering a set of Meelectronics M2's for E10,- since they seem to have relatively good cables on them. Or would this be a bad idea?



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So I did it. 


After spending 2 days with the standard cables I was already fed up.


After reading this thread I decided to go with the Logitech Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Cable.


I ordered them from the USA and they arrived within a week.


I opened them up just like Marozie. The main difference is that my Custom 3's have a small print which the cables are soldered on to.


Then I just measured with a multimeter which wire should go where from the plug, de-soldered the old wires using a 15W soldering iron and soldered on the new cables.


I used some heatshrink to finish them and used a little glue to secure the wires into the IEMs.


Anyone with just a little of the DIY in them could do this in under an hour.




I just discovered though I cant submit the pictures. Is this because of my low post count? If it is it is preventing me from contributing to this forum so I request I will be able to submit my pictures for other people to use as reference.

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