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To you guys who have huge libraries

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My current library consists of 1911 songs (some that haven't been listened to yet as well). I currently have two folders on my computer of ripped songs from various cds that I have not yet been through (just bought CDs, ripped, and stacked em up

What I'm asking is, to you guys that have tons of music, do you just randomly listen to stuff (assuming I'm getting it down to the stuff I like) or do you have favorites that you always go to and just randomly visit the darker sections of the collection?

Not like this is a problem or anything, just wondering what other people do. Thanks
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I just listen to the same stuff over and over. When I get a new cd, I play it until I get sick of it. There are whole sections of my cd's (not a large collection) which never get played. I have my favorites and stick with them. If they pass the initial rounds of being played to death, then they are added to the rotation.
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I keep things on Random. When I get to a song on an album I feel up for, I'll listen through the album. If I land on the first song of an album, I'll sometimes queue the rest up too. Then there are a dozen or so albums that I never get tired of listening through, and will actively seek them out.
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I work through all of the albums on my player systematically, by getting a random letter, listening to all of the albums starting with that letter, moving on to another random letter, then starting again when I've worked through the whole alphabet. I started doing that to trim albums from my Zune 120, since my next player will probably only have 64GB of storage. So, I move albums that don't hold my interest all the way through to an external hard drive. I'm down to 62GB of used space on my Zune (11,527 song, 981 album, 446 artists), which is about 30GB from where I started.

I also listen to whatever if I get the random urge to, and any new albums I try to listen to within a few days of getting them. I also work through the albums I've removed, but that at least held my interest some, in a similar way to above, to see if something has clicked for me.

This is probably all indicative of some sort of disorder, but I think it's helped my listening. I get more variety, so I don't get burned out on some stuff by too many repeat listens, and as I've said, I had a practical goal in mind when I started, which I'm close to reaching.
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I don't know if this is huge but according to mpd I have just under 7000 songs but there are some in other folders and stuff that I've been too lazy to organize. All my songs have to be in one main folder. I typically put the entire thing on random unless I feel like having a certain genre or want to listen to a specific album or anything like that.
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I just go through my artist list and i just pick an album that fits my mood.
I have 7136 songs, 213gb of lossless music.
All are in 1 folder organized by artist/album/
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I tend to listen to the whole cd and it varies on my mood to what genre I am going to listen to.
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^ I do the same thing to some extent. The problem is is that I'm getting more than I'm listening to haha. Buying music is addicting :/

(Referring to HipHopScribe)
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A bit over 12k played on random mostly. I'll make playlists for mood.
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I use three methods concurrently.

1. While I sleep I place my music on random mode.
2. While I travel or at the office I choose as my mood dictates.
3. While at home on my main rig I start at the A and go through Z, then repeat.

Very confusing if you ask me.
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Current library is 7300, plus-or-minus 5%. Up to 80% of that is lossless somehow (FLAC, ALAC, APE, WAV), for the rest (20%), up to 80% of that is 320k MP3, and the rest are 256 or 192 or VBR.
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Originally Posted by KingStyles View Post
I tend to listen to the whole cd and it varies on my mood to what genre I am going to listen to.
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Like others, I randomly choose an album by what ever mood I'm in. Seldom listen to random songs unless I'm portable or using the radio.

There are always upwards of a dozen albums at any one time that I listen to over and over again. That list changes over time but hovers pretty close to +/- dozen.
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I pick an artist, and then listen to their albums in no particular order
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In my main system I have an Exemplar music Server to which I have almost 2000 Albums ripped to full wave (around 1.2 terabyte), this amounts to less than 1/2 of my collection.

My office system has around 250 albums ripped in Apple Lossless. This library is for iPod, office and Logitech Duet (bedroom and main system) use.

my listening style remains unchanged since the 70's. I pick an album based upon my mood and then I listen to the entire album.
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