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ultimate ears 700

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hi, wanted some advice about these earphones .... already bought them.

but they are rubbish lol

constantly fall out of ur ears, tried all the different rubber or foam buds that they come with, none of them stay in; forget trying to even WALK anywhere wearing these, they will fall out allllllllllll the time, its sooooo annoying. i never had any trouble with earbuds previously falling out. getting a seal and getting the bass is a constant problem, even when just sitting in a chair these things dont stay in.

music with bass distorts horribly at anything approaching high volume, and i mean it when i say horribly. so for commuting, on a noisy train for example, these are pants, cos u cant turn them up.

i have had them for ages, thought perhaps they need to be broken in, but they arent improving.

i was FAR happier with free sony ones, or £15 sennheisers. and i paid £150 for these .........

they look nice tho ....

am i missing something here ? anyone else got these ?
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Just for your reference:

Sorry that they upset you I don't have one though.
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yeah i have seen other reviews, just a little baffled as to how bad these actually are, thought i might have a dud pair. but seemingly no, other peoples distort at high volume too.

some music even distorts at 50% volume on iphone lol

thing is, if they sounded great, id try to find some other rubber seals to try and make them fit properly so that i might actually be able to walk with them on, or heaven forbid run with them lol (i can dream) ............ but the sound is so crap that it just isnt worth it.

im gona buy some sonys i think.


the problem with the ear pieces is they the rubber is too stiff, and not sticky enough. they feel almost slippery, and its no wonder they come out so easily.

they come with foam ones too, these fit a little better, but are still useless, and will get dirty and worn out fast ...... as foam tends to do. they do supply two sets of the foam ones, in anticipation of them wearing out tho ..........

its really surprising to me how a company can make such a mistake, NOOBS
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Let me guess, you're boosting the bass.
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+1. The very good UE700 only brings out the detail that your other phones did not. And the crappy Ipod equalizer is doing the rest. Concerning the fit, you probably did not find the right tip. You should look further.
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I have not try one, but 50% volume on iPhone to listen to them? I never need more than 30% of volume on iPhone 3G to drive all IEMs I have (CK10, IE8, TF10), and I believe that UE700 should be easy to drive...Perhaps I am one of those who prefer low-volume-listening. Take good care of your hearing
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well I don't listen that high but 50% should not really distort unless the iphone is just that damn loud. there has to be something wrong
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i was considering buying these because theres the sale on that ends tomorrow for half price.
do you think its worth it buying the UE700's for £80? (think thats about $120)
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no im not boosting the bass, the equaliser is totally flat, i never change it.

perhaps i should be clearer, voices also distort at high volume, just the bass is first to go, at full volume they distort everywhere and sound so bad, you cannot even listen to them.

they sound clear, but they just cant go loud, they are just not capable of it. for the price ..... they should be able to. sometimes i want them to be loud ..... on a train, in the street, doing exercise, it should be possible. what is annoying is that cheap sony/sennheiser will sound great at full volume, not a crackle anywhere.

and why they would make the earpieces from slippery plastic is beyond me ..... for the price.

these are the worst headphones i have ever had, i suggest people stay well away
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i just checked them again with some reggae, they became unlistenable at about 70%, and then the earpiece fell out of my ear LMAO
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Originally Posted by mikepp View Post
i just checked them again with some reggae, they became unlistenable at about 70%, and then the earpiece fell out of my ear LMAO
that might be a problem... i think even my HD555 dont need that much to get to a fairly loud level (miniature speakers anybody?)
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IMO distortion is caused by NOT enough power, usually you will get sibilance when being overpowered. You might not have enough power to push them properly . I would check the spec's on your phone and compare them to your 700's spec's and see if the phone is stuggleing to push them at high level of volume. Signal to noise ratio is what you would want to look at. just my $0.02
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You should try with some other Devices and it maybe the drivers problem or bitrate. But there are few better options under this price range like Sennheiser IE7, Sony EX700LP and UM2....
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erm you do realise they are supposed to go deep into your ear?

it sounds to me like you havent put them in properly
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lol of course they are deep in my ears, though whichever set of ear pieces u use, they dont stay there for long.

i went out today, and i bought some sony earpieces, ones made from sticky rubber and shaped much better, they fit on the ue 700's, so i have solved the slipping out issue.
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