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Well I hope so. We will be out of the way from the main bar area so shouldn't be too much disturbance. If the event gets big enough (hard to judge numbers at the moment!) then we can spread into another room too with its own bar (which is normally closed in the week). Lets see how it goes!

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Just incase I lose track of this thread could you give me a PM when you finalise the date for the meet, cheers.

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The date is set for the 4th August from 5pm onwards. Room booked etc.


I intend to PM everyone who has displayed any interest in the month before the event to get some idea about numbers. I need to know roughly how many plug sockets will be needed apart from anything else!

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If I get my Beyer (moon audio) T1s by then, I might come. 

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Originally Posted by MrQ View Post

If I get my Beyer (moon audio) T1s by then, I might come. 

Cool, would love to hear them.

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Originally Posted by gregvet View Post


Cool, would love to hear them.

Me as well. Order goes in next week. 

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I'd like to register my interest please, sounds like a good learning opportunity for a noob. If I have some kit by then hopefully I can contribute something to the meet too.

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Sorry to do this, but due to personal circumstances I have had to cancel the Brighton mini meet.

Thanks everyone who has shown an interest. I was really looking forward to it!

I will pm everyone who said they were coming presently.

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That's a shame. Oh well, I'll just have to go to New York next year



I hope you get a chance to put it on another time.

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would of been up for this.

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Hey could someone PM me if this is rearranged at a later date? Im in Chichester and thinking about getting some sr125i or ms1 headphones but would love to be able to hear them before buying.



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