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Local meet in Brighton UK.

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I would love to go to a local meet, seems I missed the recent mini meet in London and I cant see anything else coming up.

I am based in Brighton (UK), and have access to a good size room in a pub that we could use.
I was thinking of June the 16th.

Would anyone be interested?
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I really would but I will be writing my dissertation in june..
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Well I only said that date to get the ball rolling. As it is just you and me currently (assuming you are serious) I see no reason not to choose a date/month thats fits in better with your dissertation. Although if mine was anything to go by you will be gagging for an excuse to go out and play for a couple of hours by June!

In terms of equipment I have Audio Technica AD700, some Ultimate Ears buds, and by then should have a desktop amp and Denon D2000.
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Haha. Maybe we can do it in August.?

I have a pair of 271s, A pair of Ms1s and waiting for a pair of hd600 from Play
also got a p3+ and xcan v2 that I can bring with me..
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also I would like to cycle down to brighton. and would welcome anyone who want to join me?
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Would this be an afternoon meet or an evening one? How long were you thinking? I'd happily pay train fare for a couple of hours listening, but overnight would be pushing it...
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I had assumed that it would be evening, as midweek will be quietest in the pub and most people will not be able to meet during the day.

Shall we say Wednesday 4th August from 5pm then?
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I may be able to come if I can get there by train, and have some portable/closed cans to listen to on the way by then.
I'm always up for meeting new people and trying new gear.
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Ok, looks like three of us so far. Anyone else interested?
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I'm bumping this thread.
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I live in Worthing so yea sure..add me to the prelim list and nearer the time I will confirm
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Keep em coming folks.

I will try and get a round up of names, numbers and equipment nearer the time.
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by that time I should have made my MiniMAX too
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Well the room is booked for the 4th August.

Will check in regularly and start trying to get firmer numbers/equipment lists nearer the time.

Anyone got any tips for organising these things (as I've not even been to one before!).

Source wise I could set up a couple of Sonos ZP90's with both my lossless music collection and napster. They can feed digital or stereo out depending on how many DACs we have on the day. I dont have a CD player though.
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Well, I am from London but I am also off that week so will be interested. Unfortunately I don't have a car so it will be great to get a lift with somebody to bring equipments. It is quite some time away so hopefully more people will join in ;-)
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