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No lights- but no heat= good.

Great web digging. Now we are getting somewhere. Perhaps we could ask Musical Fidelity if the could spare a few? $60 for 4 was the price quoted. The life span makes it seem even more attractive.
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MIT storage??

I wonder if MIT got an allottment of these tubs kicking about? Often when a new product is developed by a huge corporation like RCA they just ship tons to MIT to see if anyone can come up with an application. Often the parts just sit around on shelves for eons. That is most likely where a MIT student would get stuff. I have MIT connections- so I'll try and ask around.
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I may have found some nuvistors

I got a couple leads on NOS Nuvistors...audio nirvana here we come!
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Anyone else interested in owning the worlds smallest portable tube amp?

QUOTE]The Nu-Vista 3D CD player is the last Nu-Vista product ever, and the greatest. Chances are, there will never be another audio product made using nuvistors ever again, anywhere, by anyone. [/QUOTE]

I found this post- let's see if we can prove this wrong.

Anyone else interested in owning one of these? I want to do a run of 30 units if possible to get a decent economy of scale on the nuvistor purchase. I figure about $265- $325 as a rough guess to make these. I've got the nuvistor sockets covered.
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Well, I was interested...but cannot afford it. :-(
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You mean you could get a factory that used to make these to do a limited production run just for you? I bet that even some of us who shun DIY tubes because of high voltage involved might want to make something with these, as long as the price per amount needed for a good amp is less than $100. I wouldn't want to be a guinea pig myself though, already have too much on my plate...
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Let's get one made first!

Don't worry about the pricing just yet . I just know from doing past projects like this... nothing is worse than charging too little and having a project die before it even starts. You can always come down in price when the economies of scale allow- it is very hard to ask people to pay more and just leads to dissappointment and frustration.

I am very excited about doing this. I feel like an envangelist introducing people to high fidelity. Best of all I like to show people how to get the most out of what they have. Ideally I would like to voice this component relative to other known components that people would love to buy but that are normally completely out of the price range for those same people. This is a reasonable goal.

I've noticed that a lot of people have a soft spot for tubed products yet hate the fuss of tubes. Also since the power output requirements are not huge we should be able to make something with great timbre and detail. As for the total power output.... we are talking just about a headphone amp.

However I would be very happy if we end up with something with enough fidelity that could serve as a preamp to run speakers at work or in one's car. I hate being without a system that isn't as truthful to the original performance.... I feel like I'm listening to singers with colds, drunk drummers, and poorly voiced guitars and sub $300 violins. There is a reason why people take years of singing lessons and save for years to buy the instrument of their dreams. Why should their music be anything less than what these musicans have struggled and practiced for so long to create for the enjoyment of others.

It drives me crazy when I go to a concert and have to listen to violins and wind instruments through Cerwin Vega speakers and cheap amps. No one compalins because they don't know any better. People learn to appreciate timbre- but if they never hear live music...how can they?

I will relish the day when I can loan someone my headphones on a train and so eaasily loet them in on what lies beyond the land of boom and sizzle.
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I'd be interested in a couple of those.

As long as it's affordable of course.



BTW: how about sockets?
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The sockets are available as well. But if you have any more leads They certainly would be appreciated. Fortunately these Nuvistors were made to survive very high temps 350 centigrade so even if you had a socket that failed, you could desolder a socket from an old device that used Nuvistors without worry of damageing the socket.
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Re: Let's get one made first!

Originally posted by RichardAldrich
Don't worry about the pricing just yet .
Okay, in that case, I would be interested. Hypothetically. I am dying to know what's so good about these cute little tubes.
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Some reviewers really seem to like the Nuvistor based products.

I like the long life of the nuvistor tube, as well as the sturdiness of them. being encased in metal without glass means they should be good for portable use.

It would seem that a hybrid design would be nice Tube/solid state. Similar to the Nu-Vista amps. Also Conrad Johnson has made some nice Hybrid tube integrated amps.

The reviewers claim that the nuvistor based products so far do not sound rolled off, nor overly lush, not sloppy in hte bass registers. I too am skeptical when anyone says the best of both worlds.... but then again these aren't really like anything else.

According to some web info teh japanese nuvistors can be microphonic- but the RCA and others should be alright.
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