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DT880(600) and Maverick D1?

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For having enormous curiosity over coupling Maverick D1 and DT880(600), despite my first language is not english, I couldnt resist myself to write a thread for inquiring its match with DT880 due to impressive reviews coming from D1 users.

For the past several days, I've been looking for dac/amp combo that can fulfill my budget limited to $300 max including shipping price. And I adventitiously saw a picture of DT880 with Maverick D1.
Amazed by its design and price, I was tickled to wave my initial deicision to buy EF2 and was confused which is better to feed my DT880 (which hasn't arrived yet).

Currently,I am almost 70% leaned to buy Maverick D1, but cannot decide over EF2 since DT880 is said to have a great match with tube amp. Therefore, I humbly like to call for advice choosing between EF2 and Maverick D1.
In addition, I would be also greatly appreciated for impressions with K701,DT880 + Maverick D1, other dac/amps.

NB: Im using Laptop(USB) as a source and my musical preference is Jazz, Deep house (particularly Blue Six, Naked music), New age.
This is my first entrance to proper head fi and I had previously owned Bose QC2 which didnt give me enough thrill for listening to above genres except electronica.
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heh was it a picture of my setup? I think for sure versatility the maverick d1 is a fine piece to invest in, can roll the op amp chips later if your not statisfied, i prefer to use it along with my tube amp, but i have used it straight out of the d1 as well.
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