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SOLD: iBasso D3 Python

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I am selling my iBasso D3 Python. I bought this last late spring/early summer 2009 and am the second owner. It is in good cosmetic condition and I haven't even used the black casing.

It will come with the USB cable, both silver and black casings, and a 3.5 mm mini-to-mini (don't know if it's the original cable or not).

There is one caveat however, the headphone out is a little buggy. Sometimes the audio only comes out from the left channel. Usually a bit of wiggling the cable or plugging and unplugging the cable will fix it temporarily. I'm guessing there's just something loose in there.

I have been mainly using it as a USB DAC so I haven't needed the headphone output and haven't really looked into the problem. It does work great as a USB DAC.

EDIT: Investigating a bit more, it looks like the cutting out in the right channel issue is only present when using the USB DAC and Headphone amp at the same time. I haven't had any issues when using it purely as a headphone amp or as a DAC by itself. So basically, it's if you have something plugged into the headphone out and nothing in the audio in/line out.

Lots of pictures available here:
Picasa Web Albums - TripleU - iBasso D3


I am in Canada, so great for those in Canada to avoid customs.

PM me with any offers or questions.
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Bump! Open to offers.

Pictures uploaded to Picasa, link in first post.
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Plus price drop.
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