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Getting the wife on board

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My wife is not a big fan of "this audio thing"as she frequently calls it.I must admit some of my purchases over the years have been expensive and difficult to justify to the non-audio types out there.Some of the stuff I've purchased has taken me right to the edge,if you know what I mean.I have not fallen over yet but have comeVERY close on numerous occasions.The Orpheus purchase was the closest I've ever come to being "violently single".This hostility seems only to apply to audio purchases.I have spent large sums of money on Motorcycles,Cars and related paraphenalia with nary a twitch.But "$250.00 for a wire?".Well that is unacceptable.The large stash of equipment that I have accumulated over the years has not helped my case.I sold a bunch of my coveted tube gear a few weeks ago to finance a new car purchase and I just knew that this would gain some favor.No such luck.I was content to go the route of "replacement gear only"to keep my marriage intact.

Then the unthinkable happens.my wife and her sorority sisters put on this yearly lingerie,makeup,day spa,party thing.(By the way this mouth-watering affair was fomerly held at my house but my often misunderstood participation has brought about a relocation to a swank downtown hotel location.)She asks me to supply some audio equipment for musical entertainment(for the male stipper to dance to?)and I figure I'll take an old integrated amp, a CDP and a set of towers I have laying around.Not bad stuff and I figure since she's not a fan she don't care,Right?Nope,She says "I want some of your good-sounding stuff".What's this?She proceeds,"you know a tube amp, a preamp and that nice CD player you use in the bedroom"(an old Rotel).Then she tells me to bring the set of Proac speakers and a decent set of cables.I'm too shocked at this point to refuse or question in any way her unexplained knowledge so I oblige.I just got back home from setting the system up which consisted of the afforementioned CDP,speakers and Kimber cables and one of my heavily modded Dynaco ST70 amps and a Bottlehead Foreplay amp kit.Did I miss something?I have heard of absorbing information through submersion,but how?She won't even listen to any of my tube gear normally.She says she refuses to wait around "while some ****in' amp gets hot".I will take this participation in any form that it manifests itself.Maybe now I can slip that Orpheus back in when my brother decides to sell it back to me.
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Curse that darn wife factor! I never understood it, but I'm not married.
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I think that some attachments/pictures are required to really get the gist of this situation... of the parties, of course.
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Dude, I wouldn't count on it. She probably had you set that stuff up so her and her girlfriends could laugh at you. Women can be so cruel sometimes.

Either that or she is going to use the equipment to finance the stripper. God only knows what that would buy. I know what *I* would do for that Orpheus but that's just me.

Here's hoping she had you set all this stuff up to compare it to her friends $50 boom-box. Perhaps she'll come back with an appreciation and a new willingness "to wait around while some ****in' amp gets hot".

Sometimes I'm reminded of the $5 milkshake scene in Pulp Fiction when it comes to this audio voodoo.
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I know what *I* would do for that Orpheus but that's just me.
and what would that be?
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Careful handling those tubes afterwards, you have no idea where they might have been.
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ok, I want pics of where they had been
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Originally posted by KR...

and what would that be?
You've got PM.

(just kidding)
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Wives are weird...

My wife is also like that. Every time I buy a CD or anything audio related I get those looks that can melt iron.
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Ah yes... excellent... buy your equipment BEFORE you get married, saves a lot of troubles; I think I am on the right track
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*looks at his identity profile*

*looks at post*

Wow! I didn't know you could write fiction!
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