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clip & touch 3g have almost equal hiss levels (that is next to nill), but the clip has blackest blackground while playing music, its like you just cannot perceive anything else in the background apart from music. although touch 3g has massive soundstage, very wide left-right music flow & is grain free But touch's soundstage expands only from left to right, if u consider vertical expansion(top to bottom) it's almost nothing in comparison to clip. Now this vertical soundstage provides body/texture/emotion/depth/3d feeling to music notes & this is why touch 3g although very clean & big in scale, the final output is like scratching the surface of the music with no real depth or emotion. Also vocals are a bit thin/metallic and get worse if volume is increased
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I hear no hiss with the clip+ unless the original recording had it (older classical pieces).
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Clip+ is a awesome player, paired with my TF10 very well.
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Originally Posted by prone2phone View Post
how to call something that sounds better than amazingly good?
How to create a sentence that makes sense, and in English no less?
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Cowon S9... I'm not sure what you hear from the iPhone, or iPods in general for that matter, but I would assume it sounds like the Cirrus Logic crap they put into all of their latest junk. Take a Wolfson DAC for example, found in the older 5.5g ipod video, it sounds full and rich, more like a stereo, compare it to a newer iPod classic, and the classic sucks the life from the music, and presents it in an electrical sterile way that sounds terrible.

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