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Erik is a very nice gentleman, came to pick up an portable amp I was selling, always good to have such an easy transactions, but the most important, he seems to like it very much, good to know.

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Sold my much-loved AD700s to Erik, received instant payment the very next day. Patient and very polite gentleman. I could not wish for a more pleasurable first transaction!


Many thanks!

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Bought Erik's X1050, received them in perfect condition, nicely packed aswell (who doesn't love loads of bubblewrap!)
The transaction was nice and smooth, Erik supplied loads of tips and information aswell, thank you very much for that.


I'm currently enjoying the X1050 with my Se420's which seems a rather divine combination to my ears, I'm contemplating a few of Erik's tips though.. At least now I have someone to blame for the upgrade virus wink.gif


Erik, thnx for the sale and I wish you loads of listening pleasure once you get your new hifiman.

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