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SOLD: I have $125 credit for Ultrasone. Want it?

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UPDATE: Bought a headphone with the credit, sold it. HFI-780 got $200 plus shipping. (Trade deal)

I have a $125 credit now with a company that sells the Ultrasone line via Amazon. They are located in Los Angeles and processed my original order in ONE DAY (nice). They also offer great customer service (hence, my easy credit) and their prices on Ultrasone are the best I've seen.

However, I want a pair of Denon D2000 'cause I like 'em better. So:

1. I need to cash in my credit for an Ultrasone model that would be easiest to resell here on Head-Fi. Ideas?

2. I'll sell the credit to you; (I'll buy the headphones for you, and ship to your address).

3. I'll trade the credit + cash or + a NuForce Icon Mobile for a pair of Denon D2000 that have not been around pets or smoke.

Thank you! please pass it around!
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I think you'll be hardpressed for anybody that will sell you D2000's for $125. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying. Just FYI.
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Whoops! is that what is sounds like? I meant the credit plus cash. I'll change the post.
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Have you tried the Pro 900s? I have a pair, they are quite good.
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I hear they're great, but they're out of my price range. I'm having a tough enough time affording the D2000, an amp, and the MarkL mod. Also, I heard the Ultrasone DJ1, and today the 2200, and I didn't like either at all. So that kinda tells me I don't like Ultrasone. Or am I missing something?
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