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Will an amp make that much of a difference?

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I was wondering if a portable amp (esp. the porta corda) would make a big differendce in the way my er4s will sound out of an ipod or other pcdp. I am currently listening to the etys straight out of the ipod's jack (no hiss...at least as far as i can hear, and i have pretty sensitive hearing) and am trying to decide as to whether an amp will make a difference that would justify the relatively high price-tag. Any thoughts?
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moose, since the iPod has no line out, the amp would simply be amplifying the headphone jack's electronics. I tried my son's Ipod with the ER4S and I did not feel it was driving them adequately. I hooked up a portable amp (JMT built CHA47) and, other than substantially more volume, I didn't feel the amp made that much of a difference. That's one of the reason's I purchased the new ER6.........it's easier to drive. I'll be checking out the combo (iPod w/ ER6) this weekend.
Now, on a portable CDP, an amp can have a real positive effect, if the CDP has a dedicated line-out. That way, the amp is not simply amplifying the often poor electronics of the headphone amplification circuit. Some portables have very good amplifiers built-in, others do not. The line-out bypasses them.
Hope this helps.
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thanks, joe. That might have made up my mind for me right there. If my primary portable sorce does not benefit (IMO the ipod has more than enough juice to drive the etys to comfortable listening levels), then what's the point?
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You could always try a TA from Headroom and if it doesn't make a difference for you send it back.

I use a Porta on my PJB and it does make a difference even lacking a line-out. The reason on the PJB is the volume is digital and a lower volume level will increase the noise floor and can mask subtlties in the mix. I connect the Porta and crank the output volume all the way up. The PJB's output is quite powerful so the Porta actually *reduces* the volume coming from the PJB but increases the sound quality by a large amount.

I would imagine that some poeple wouldn't hear the difference and therefore it wouldn't be worth it to them. The only way to know for sure is to try it out. This brings me back to the TA from Headroom. This way *you're* ears can decide whether or not it's worth the extra money and hassle.
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without a doubt....trying things out is the best.

On a more technical level, most of the components inside CDPs and all portable....actually all stuff in general...dont really have great headphone outs. Only the line out is good and thus having an amp with vastly improved components will usually improve the sound as well
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I am deciding on wether or not to get an amp. I have right now: 780, Sony D-T405, computer, a sony 5-disc forget the number, etc... I plan to get a minidisc player.. anyway, I have ex-70s and HD500s that are modded, I plan to buy either er6's, V6's, or Beyer 250's. I am aiming toward something like the CHA-47 or another very portable amp that has a relatively cheap price. Any thoughts?
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do you guys knows some info. where i can find to built my own portable amp? [atloid amp]
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btw how much is the CHA-47? i know the TA amp is $170 (kinda expensive)
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Send a message to JMT, he builds them, and there is a link somewhere to get to the headwize page that shows you how to build one.
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