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Well that's weird... I wonder what the picture on the first slide of Customizable Earphones | Sleek Audio means....

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It sure look like a pixelated picture of the sa6 o.o

New model ?
Hope it utilise BA drivers =X
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It'd be nice if it were something that would allow me to use my sa6 earphones without worrying that the cable is going to snap for the 12th time.

Seriously, it is ridiculous to have a pair of earphones that I can't use out of fear of breakage. New cables NOW please!
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::wishing for sa9::
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I hope there is a custom version of it..

AHH I can't decide on which customs !!
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New earphone coming.. Custom mold maybe?

Or just April fools!
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It's not an April fools prank I assure you
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Really hope that this new model can have a more punchier bass than the "6" series..

erm, twin drivers ?
1 for lows, 1 for mids/highs ?

I am uber curious..
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Hmmm it says the sneak preview is going to be in the Popular Science Magazine May issue (hits the shelves mid April) :-)

I'm glad I waited on buying SA6 (crossing fingers for SA9)
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Woot !!!

The new wireless kit looks hot !!!

is it the "same" as the old one, just with additional functions ?
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It would be great if we could get some specs on these babies
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