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[Comparison] Audio Technica CK10 and CK100

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Please read this before you continue: My impressions will probably vary with others, and they are subjective due to my own personal preferences, hearing, and experiences. The CK100 is also the only mid-oriented IEM I have heard besides headphones, so please keep that in mind. Be sure to check out my second post after reading this comparison. YMMV.

After owning the CK10 for about 4 months now, I was curious as to how the CK10 would stack up to the CK100. The more I researched, the more I wanted to listen to them. Is the price difference worth it? Is the CK100 an upgrade or a side grade? Now that I finally have them, I can find out for myself.

Price (USD)
Date released: ~December 2007
Current price USD: $200-$315

Date released: ~December 2008 (Japan only)
Current price USD: $389-$395 (Japanese street price ~ $320)
Where to buy: SEYO-shop.com

Fit, Comfort, and Isolation
With all three criteria taken into consideration: simply amazing. The CK10 goes in slightly deeper than the CK100 due to the smaller housing and angled nozzle. The CK10’s fit can be trickier at first due to its design, but once you get accustomed to them, they are superb. The CK10 is more dependent on insertion depth and tips than the CK100. Both isolate very well, and with a versatile nozzle, many different tips are compatible. Same length and same diameter nozzle. Both are extremely comfortable.

Check my post#2 below for more information on tips for both the CK10 and CK100.

Check my post#2 below for other member’s pictures of both worn in ear.

This is one area which can easily be a deal breaker for me. I might be one of the few out there who holds build quality in very high regard: almost equal to sound quality. As the price increases, the build becomes more important to me. No build is perfect and there will be flaws, but I like for whatever I buy to last as long as possible. With that said, I feel that the CK100 is the best built IEM I have ever set my eyes on with the CK10 following closely behind. You can immediately tell the difference in craftsmanship and quality compared to other brands. Simple yet elegant design. The CK100 is the reference build in my opinion.

The CK10’s housing is close to being a unibody design. The backing and nozzle is made of plastic, while the rest of the stainless steel body is covered in rubber. Very compact and low-profile.

The CK100’s housing consists of two parts: a harder, denser plastic backing and beautiful titanium half shell. Both are infinitesimally small. The diameter of the housing is a hairline smaller than the diameter of the small stock silicon tip.

Dime sized comparison.

Stress Relief
This is where the CK100 has the CK10 clearly beat in my opinion. The CK100’s stress relief is a separate piece that is connected to the plastic housing. The stress relief on the CK100 is made from what feels like very hard rubber (almost like plastic), so it is much sturdier. The cable is also fastened properly to relieve strain. The CK100’s left stress relief also has a small bump to denote that it is the left side.

The CK10’s stress relief is part of the housing itself. It is a semi-soft rubber tube. Only downside is that the wire is not properly relieved of strain. Even with this very minor gripe, the CK10 is still one of the best built IEM in my opinion.

The cable is the same on both. The slider tube is very nice. Low-profile Y-split. Beefy 3.5mm plugs. Only difference is that the CK10 is a straight plug while the CK100 consists of an L-plug. The same cable is used on their higher end ESW9 portable headphones. The cable is thick, soft, and very flexible. No microphonics whatsoever. It is the best cable in my opinion. Yes, better than Westone. Too bad it is only used on their higher end models.

No matter how well-built something is, it is always best to take good care of it, especially at these prices.

Enough rambling about the build. On to what most of you came here for.


Test Setup
I will be testing both mainly on my iPhone 3G and NuForce uDAC. Listening done on my iPhone 3G is unamped. All low to moderate listening volume. All songs are 320kbps mp3 CD rips or iTunes AAC. A variety of other songs and genres were also used, but I did not include them below. Anything related to frequency response was recorded by my ears with sine sweeps and only included them to show where the emphasis was at. They are not accurate nor does it show the entire picture.

Tips Used
I will be using Sony Hybrid Tips (EP-EX10A) on both CK10 and CK100.

My track list:
I apologize if you have never heard or don’t like any of the songs/artists that I have chosen below.

1)Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn
My rock test.

CK10: Electric guitars, snares, and cymbals have that certain bite, snap, and shimmer to them. The electric guitar is just awesome. Great for rockin’ out!

CK100: Vocals are forward and slightly thicker and warmer in comparison. Not slightly forward, not noticeably in-your-face forward - just forward. Guitars are more forward but are not as aggressive sounding. Snares snap, but not as much in comparison. Cymbals sparkle but are slightly softer than the CK10. Better sense of space.

The aggressiveness and warmness of the CK100 is in between the CK10 and Monster Copper, with the CK10 sounding the most aggressive and least warm. I know this is vague, but it is the only other IEM I have at the moment. The CK10 and CK100 are nowhere near Grado 225i aggressive or bright, but aggressive in comparison to each other and the Copper.

Back on topic: With so little information on the CK100, I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, the CK100 performed very well with other rock/alternative /indie/post-rock songs I threw at them. Though I prefer the CK10 more for rock, the CK100 is no slouch. (air guitar)

2)Asobi Seksu – Blind Little Rain
Acoustic reworks of their older stuff. From the album Rewolf, Yuki Chikudate’s vocals can best be described as innocent and mesmerizing – ethereal.

CK10: Drop dead gorgeous vocals that just soar beyond the clouds near the end.

CK100: Vocals are forward. Very impressive and more lively.

What do I mean by lively? When comparing the CK100 to the Copper, the vocals seem more alive – more emotional. You hear the emotion on the Copper. The CK100 makes you feel the emotion. The CK10 falls somewhere in between.

Oh so detailed yet musical. Disregard the band name, this is pure aural seksu. (pun intended)

3)Cosmic Gate – Body of Conflict (feat. Denise Rivera)
Vocal trance test.

CK10: Very tight, controlled, and punchy bass. The perfect amount of bass. Great bass impact. Effortless in clarity and detail. Great sense of space. Very neutral sounding in comparison to the CK100.

CK100: Different presentation than the CK10 right from the start. More atmospheric feeling and better sense of space than CK10. Bass impact is nearly identical to me. Vocals are more forward than the CK10.

Both have plenty of bass, possess impressive speed, and are very transparent. The CK100 gives you a more atmospheric feeling compared to the CK10. When I listen to other trance and vocal trance songs, both are top notch.

4)Spoon – The Underdog
A shaker, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, tambourine, 3-piece brass, drums, and hand claps. What more do you want?

CK10: Everything is easily distinguished and separated. Good placement and positioning.

CK100: The first thing I notice is that the bass guitar is slightly more up front and the tambourine and shaker moves slightly back. Slightly forward vocals. Better sense of space. Fuller bottom end on bass guitar and drums. Fuller sounding presentation overall.

Basically, the CK10 seems to portray each instrument more separately and individually, where as the CK100 more of a whole if that makes any sense.

5)Susan Wong – Close To You

CK10: Slight emphasis in upper mids. Sweeter sounding in comparison to the CK100. Lovely! Just lovely!

CK100: Forward mids compared to the CK10. Slight emphasis in lower mids. Lovely!

I’ll say it again: Lovely!

Utada Hikaru – Flavor of Life (Ballad Version)
Can’t leave out Japan’s biggest pop star. Utada Hikaru has one of best vocals I have ever heard.

CK10 and CK100: Perfection…

Anyone who is looking for bass like the TF10, Sennheisers, Denons, Monster or something similar to those will be disappointed. The CK10 and CK100 are not bass monsters. They have the perfect amount of bass to me. Neither light nor overpowering – just the right amount.

To my ears, the CK10 has better bass extension than the CK100. The CK10 seems to extend lower than the CK100.

The CK100 starts to roll-off earlier than the CK10 to my ears. Nothing too serious in my opinion. The CK100 have slightly more quantity overall, noticeably more mid-bass. Like the CK10, it doesn’t get in the way of other frequencies. Both are still very, very close in terms of impact. More fuller sounding bottom end than the CK10. Both are very tight, punchy, and fast.

The CK10 has very neutral and flat mids. Very balanced.

The CK100: Forward. The mids defines the CK100. The entire midrange is forward with an absolute peak right around 2kHZ., but it is still fairly flat – like a plateau. Very dependent on recording, genre, and/or source whether or not the mids are noticeably more forward.

My only reference for forwardness of the CK100’s mids is with fuller sized headphones since I have not heard any other mid-oriented phones. The forwardness is slightly more than the ATH-AD2000 and less than the Grado 225i. Much closer to the AD2000 to my ears.

Overall, both are silky smooth.

Upper Midrange (2-6kHz)
The CK10 has some emphasis on the upper mids. There is a slight bump at 6 kHz. Smooth and never harsh to my ears.

The CK10 is brighter in comparison to the CK100. Overall, the CK100 is very refined and smooth.

The CK10 has very crisp highs. The CK10 is slightly more pronounced than the CK100. A peak is present right around 10 kHz.

Both are great with extension of the highs, but the CK10 is slightly more extended.

The CK100 is not as crisp as the CK10, but it has very refined highs compared to the CK10. There is a relative peak at around 10 kHz. Very smooth. Those who find the CK100’s treble to be “hot” will find the CK10 to be “hotter” without EQ’ing.

The CK10 has more treble energy than the CK100. Both are very airy, clean and articulate.

Sound Summary
Both are great for low listening volumes. Both have effortless clarity and detail while being very musical at the same time. Both have impressive transparency, instrument separation, and speed. Neither sibilant nor harsh. Extremely smooth. Bass impact is nearly identical.

The CK10 is upper mids/treble focused. The CK10 is slightly more effortless with clarity and detail retrieval due to a more neutral and analytical yet musical sound. The CK10 is also bright depending on the source, genre, and/or recording. Neutral mids and sweeter sounding with higher pitched vocals in comparison. Very crisp highs. Better positioning. Great sense of space. Better extension on both ends. More articulate.

The CK100 is mid-oriented. Love it/hate it forward mids depending on personal preferences. All the subtleties can still be heard but not quite as effortless overall as the CK10. The CK100 has slightly more bass quantity overall than the CK10, mainly in the mid-bass region; bass impact is almost identical to my ears. Slight bass roll-off compared to the CK10. The CK100 has a fuller sounding bottom end in comparison. Slightly thicker, warmer, and livelier sounding vocals in comparison. Crisp highs. Bigger soundstage than the CK10 with great atmosphere and sense of space.

The CK10 is very versatile with multiple setups and genres. Great for those that like to travel light. Best of all, it is cheaper than the CK100 for those on a budget. Very tip and fit dependent.

The CK100 is a hidden gem that can be great or horrible depending on the setup, genre, and/or personal preferences. Very dependent on source. Very high risk with potentially an even higher reward. Time and patience is required with them.

Is the CK100 price worth it? If you can find them close to the Japanese street price, then it might be well worth it. The reason I say might is because it will come down to personal preferences and/or setup whether you will like it or not. Is the CK100 an upgrade or a side grade from the CK10? Two different flavors. Again, personal preferences will come into play. I hate choosing sides, but if I had to choose one, it would be the CK10 due to the reasons posted above. The most important factor is that both are very fun and engaging in my book. I love both!

All CK10 owners out there can be at ease if you really enjoy the CK10’s sound. In my opinion, you have one of the best.

You can read all you want, but the only way to know if you will like either IEM or not is to actually listen to them.

The truth is: I have been chasing after something that doesn’t exist. Sometimes the closest thing to the truth is in your ears, another purchase away, or even both, but you just don’t realize it. With that said, it looks like Christmas came early this year for me as I will end up keeping both forever.

I can honestly say that I am done. For now at least.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to leave Head-Fi for good! Is that too much (money) to ask for?
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I made this reference section since my comparison is vague, lacking, and subjective. Hopefully, it might be of assistance to anyone interested in or already owning either IEM. Please use the search function and research before deciding to buy. There is much more information out there if you put in a little bit of effort and time. Much more. Have fun reading!

Some Advice
1)Remember, people prefer different sound signatures and traits, listen to different genres, and hear differently.
2)Know yourself first – What is your current gear? What genres do you listen to? What are your preferences? What type of sound are you looking for? And so on.
3)Try not to set your expectations too high beforehand or else you might be highly underwhelmed. Be as realistic as possible.
4)Don’t force yourself to like something if it isn’t for you.
5)Above all, trust your own ears the most.

[Tip Guide] For BOTH the CK10 and CK100:
The CK10 and CK100 both have the same nozzle, so tips compatible with one is compatible with the other. If a tip produces the best sound on one, it does not necessarily mean that it will produce the best sound on the other.

I did a short comparison of some tips on the CK10 here: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/a...ml#post6378607

average_joe also made a tip guide for the CK10 here:
- http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/2/...EarTipTips.pdf

This section is mainly for CK10 owners since the CK10 is more fit and tip dependent. Sony Hybrids or any triple or bi-flanges seem to do the trick with many owners. Insertion depth is critical and over-the-ear is required for the best sound possible. It may or may not take much time or fiddling since everyone has different ears.

List of compatible tips:
-Altec Lansing tri-flanges
-Audio Technica foams (ER-CK100)
-Audio Technica silicon
- Complys (tstarn06)
-Etymotic tri-flanges (googleli)
-Etymotic Glider foam (average_joe)
-FutureSonics Atrio tips (dfkt)
-JVC / Victor FX500 foams (shigzeo)
-Klipsch gel tips (tstarn06)
-Monster Cable tips (average_joe)
-NuForce foams (shigzeo)
-Phonak Audéo PFE tips
-Shure tri-flanges (mp3)
- Shure Olives (de-cored) (a bit loose)
-Sony Hybrids (EP-EX10A) (ljokerl)
-SoundMagic foams
-Ultimate Ears silicon (james444; can also be modified with Playaz/Xears orange foams stuffed underneath)
-VSonic foams (ljokerl)

If any tips are not listed, please let me know or post in this thread, so I can add them.

[Mods | DIY Guide]

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/m...l-pics-459111/

Pictures of the CK10 and CK100 in ear by other members below:
Great pictures illustrating how they look in ear. Major props to mp3, ljokerl, dfkt, toughnut, and shigzeo for taking these excellent shots.

- Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/6404070-post363.html

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/6449746-post719.html

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/5788497-post18.html

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/r...aniyum-465068/

Threads of Interest:
I highly recommend you check out the following threads on the CK10 and CK100. Read through everything and I mean everything:
- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/a...h-ck10-467576/
- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/i...5/index20.html
- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/r...aniyum-465068/

For you lazy head-fiers out there, I have sifted through a bunch a threads and permalinked other member’s impressions in alphabetical order below.

[ATH-CK10] Member Reviews/Impressions/Discussion:

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/m...8/#post6492056
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bada bing
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[ATH-CK100] Member Reviews/Impressions/Discussion:

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/a...-ck100-414256/

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- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/r...aniyum-465068/

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- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/t...eviews-419992/
- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/u...-ck100-457926/

- http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/a...review-483569/

Sorry if I missed anyone or any posts. Please feel free to post links or your final impressions in this thread, and I will gladly add them to the list.

If any member felt that I misquoted/misrepresented your impressions, let me know so I can remove them or replace them with your final impressions.

I would like to thank and give credit to every member above for your contribution. Very informative and entertaining to read what everyone had to say.

Domo arigato!
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The CK100 is definitely an iem I am interested in but the high price makes me lose that interest very fast. Even if I was able to buy it at street price it would be my most expensive iem and more likely a sidegrade. Who wants to spend over 300 bucks for a sidegrade? :P

nice write up and use of the search function must have searched quite a bit for impressions on the both of them.

The build quality of the CK10 is definitely excellent. However I don't consider that rubber sleeve by the housing strain relief. I think it is just there to fool people into thinking that they have a strain relief. I don't see it being a problem ever however.

This thread kinda makes me think that the e-Q7 would be more similar to the CK100.

one more thing
I can honestly say that I am done.
liar :P and yes I did read the little gray text right afterwards
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Great write up Awakenedbeing! I did a lot of side by side listening between the CK10 and CK100 before deciding the CK10 were a better match for me. Having had the CK10s for a couple of months now, I have to say that my brain has burned in with them in a most wonderful way and they are the first and only IEM I have ever had or heard that I don't find myself thinking "They are great but only if they had less or more of that, they would be even better"

In that sense they remind me of all the home speakers I went through before getting a pair of Audio Physic Virgo II which became the first speakers I ever had in which I didn't have the above thought.

Would also say that your second post with links to other members views is an extremely nice touch!
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Damn, he does it again with another excellent review.

Y'know, I'm pretty sure that AT intentionally used plastic on the chassis. My (basically) unibody RE0s are coming apart at the stress relief. It's not because the stress relief is poor, but anytime you have metal-on-plastic contact, the metal is going to win. Had AT made an all metal IEM and the stress relief were directly touching the metal, I'm sure the relief would be cut in a few months.

Which reminds me... I'm pretty sure I lost my RE0s...

Comment on AwakenedBeing's CK100: Mids, mids, mids. I A/B'd them with the Copper Turbines. Latter sounds like a neutral IEM, with bass quantity and impact turned to 9 and comparatively lacking in detail. The CK100s are a neutral IEM, but the mids sound like a completely different beast. It's not that the highs or lows are lacking, they are perfect. But the mids are SOOOOO lush and transparent, though at times it got a little analytical. You hear 1/4 highs, 1/4 lows, and 1/2 mids. That being said, if I had to live with CK100 + uDac, I'd be a damn happy camper (sounded harsh on my Clip, however). Highs and lows are Audi R8s driven by seasoned enthusiasts. Mids are Michael Schumacher behind an F1 with a bottle full of caffeine pills on a dry track
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and here it is strangely enough, we have the same taste in music too. haha. i pretty much agree with your analysis of the ck10s. i'm definitely more of a mid/high person, so i find their amount of bass perfect. i'm just a bit confused by what you mean when you say atmospheric.

though its good to know i didn't miss out on too much by passing on the ck100s. my wallet is thanking me, since its almost the end of semester and funds are tight

i like that analogy hung.
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Great writeup! Thank you for your hardwork

Originally Posted by AwakenedBeing View Post
The CK10 is slightly more effortless with clarity and detail retrieval due to a more neutral and analytical yet musical sound.
I have to second this wholeheartedly. CK10 is the king of detail in my current collection, beating IE8, TF10, and even full-sized headphones A900Ti. CK10 has the best detail in mid and treble, but in bass they are no slouch either compared to IE8. You don't have to 'strain' your ears 'looking' for the always-overlooked music notes, as they flow to your eardrums effortlessly. Simply fantastic.
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Excellent comparo, and thanks for doing it! Funny thing is, i was wearing my CK10's at the gym tonight,and was actually wondering how the 100's would compare.(my wallet wishes i wouldn't wonder) I come home, log in, and here it is for me to read.
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Good review. Thanks.
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@rawrster: With the CK10 and e-Q7, you are pretty set. Agree, the rubber stress relief should not be a problem in my opinion. I just need to leave Head-Fi for a while, or else I might end up with one too many IEMs. LOL.

@javajive: Thanks. The CK10 and CK100 are two completely different flavors. Being able to listen to both really helps in the decision making. I decided to take a chance on the CK100 and couldn't be any happier. I think I might skip headphones and go straight to speakers. (gasp)

@Hung0702: First your Shures and now your RE0s. I was about to let you borrow my CK10 but...

@germanturkey: For atmosphere, it feels like you are actually there. More airy and open. The sound is just all around you. Glad you enjoy the CK10! I think we might be related. CK10 brothers, perhaps?

@KLS: Thank you! Coming from Etymotics, I really enjoy the CK10 a lot. I just love detail and clarity. For now, I like the CK10 better. My mind might change as time goes by.

@h20buzz: Thanks! The more you wonder, the more you are pulled in. I thought that I could resist the temptation, but next thing I knew, the CK100s were in my ear. My advice would be to avoid this site, but that is just impossible.

@kobayashi: Thanks!

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I do feel that I am pretty set on universal iem's. Once my PL30 comes in I should have one budget one and two good iem's. I don't believe any universal that comes out will be so superior that it blows the CK10 (my favorite iem) away. My next purchase will be in another direction in either headphones or customs. I'll have to save up a bit and decide so that should be at least a month or two.

I think you are good with how many iem's you have as long as we have joker and mark2410 to compare to
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great review there....,
i have to agree that when comes to rock, my CK100 drives it with authority.
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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post
I do feel that I am pretty set on universal iem's. Once my PL30 comes in I should have one budget one and two good iem's. I don't believe any universal that comes out will be so superior that it blows the CK10 (my favorite iem) away. My next purchase will be in another direction in either headphones or customs. I'll have to save up a bit and decide so that should be at least a month or two.

I think you are good with how many iem's you have as long as we have joker and mark2410 to compare to
Since portability is most important to me right now, I am holding off on headphones for a while. If I can stay away from here, then there is no need for me to get anything within the next two years at least. The addiction!

Originally Posted by G3n0c|d3 View Post
great review there....,
i have to agree that when comes to rock, my CK100 drives it with authority.
I was surprised that it handled rock so well. I even preferred rock on the CK100 over the Copper, which is very impressive, but that is just my personal preferences.
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The possibility of using the shure tri flange made me interested on this IEM (i agree with you that is the best seal). Do you know how the bass of the CK-10 compares with Ety ER-4P? Or UM-3X, don't know what you already got (i am no basshead either, but i don't want a bass shy one too )
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The CK10 has slightly more bass than the ER4P. Slightly. The CK10 (unamped) has slightly more bass than the RE0 (amped). Again, slightly. EQ'ing is always an option for more bass. I just don't know how much you would like, but that is all the information I can provide you with.

I have not heard the um3x, so I can't comment. Check out mvw2's review: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f103/r...10-ok1-478784/

There is a graph of how he hears the CK10 and um3x. This might give you a better gauge of where the CK10 is. The TF10 has noticeably more bass than the CK10, which is the only other IEM I have heard on that graph. The TF10 will give you that visceral bass that makes you want to get up and dance.

Hope that helps!
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