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B&W P5, ESW9 or something else?

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Hey guys,
I've been using Alessandro MS-1s for a couple of years now and fancy an upgrade! Any advice to point me in the right direction would be appreciated. I love the MS-1s but I'd like something that leaks a little less (I don't want to annoy people on the bus to uni!)
I listen to all kinds of music, but I guess I mainly listen to hiphop and electro.
I'll be using either an iPhone or a cyrus amp when listening and my budget is around £200-£300

I'm considering the Esw9 and the P5 as they're in my price bracket and are decent looking headphones. I've read that the esw9 are prone to the plastic cracking, but sound awesome.. On the P5s I've read that the build quality is amazing, but as they're new and maybe due to lack of burn in, there seems to be mixed opinions on the sound! I havnt really seen much else in that price range that looks like it should be in that price range if you get what I mean.

To summarise.. I'd like some decent looking headphones between £200 and £300 that will be noticibly better than my MS-1s

Also, I've just noticed I've managed to be a member for 5 years without posting anything... Sorry!

Thanks for any help
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1 vote for the P5s here.. ive had them for almost a week now (25 hours burned in) and they are fantastic with my iPhone 3Gs playing full CD quality MP3s !!!!!!!! im very picky about my music sound quality and these make me very happy.. its like a sonic adventure when i put the ipod on random with these..
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If you can wait till the end of May, I would suggest the Beyer-dynamic T50p headphone and at 229 Euro its within your price range.
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ATH-ES10(check at pricejapan and these are supperior sounding than ESW9).......
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I agree : wait until may if you can. Not that the Beyer will necessarily be superior to the other ones, but they might be.
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I' m looking for a portable headphone to and that T50p from beyer looks quite nice, if it is anything close to the t1 but closed, I will buy it without hesitation.
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I seriously doubt given the price tag that they will be "anything close to the T1" in terms of sheer SQ - though they might share the same sound signature.
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Cheers for the help guys
The ES10s look awesome.. How easy is it to order from pricejapan? Are there any issues with counterfits as they seem awfully cheap compared to audiocubes. Has anyone dealt with them before?

I'm not sure if I can wait till may to see if the T50Ps are any good, I need some new headphones asap to help revise aha.
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