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Darth nut interviews jimbo...a classic

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I found this on my hard drive today, and bumped it on headwize... It's one of the best threads I've ever read, so enjoy

Darth nut interviews jimbo
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this is indeed a terriffic thread. It's interesting to me because the last time I read this I was just getting into audio, and knew nothing about what they were talking about. this time through, I understand MUCH more. Thanks for bringing it up!
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Wow, I haven't seen that thread for a while. It was started over a year ago! Thanks Flumpus for bringing it up.
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Thanks, Flumpus! I'm with Neruda here -- I understand quite a bit more than I did before.
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Say where's Darth Nut?
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You might try posting that question over at Headwize, or e-mail Cmoy. He might have some info. I'm curious as well since his "famous" review of the Stax Omega II inspired me to buy mine.
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I haven't seen Darth here or at headwize in a long time... it's a shame, he was a great guy and I really enjoyed reading his posts... Hope he'll surface again and start posting
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Well, the sad news is that Jim (Jimbo's real name) sent news 3 months ago that he was dying of lung cancer. At the time when he sent his e-mail his doctor said he had 4 weeks more to live.

My latest e-mail was sent a few days ago, and I wondered if there would be a reply. No reply, but too early to draw any conclusions.

He was a really courageous chap. So calm and collected, even in the face of impending twilight.
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Oh my, I'm very sorry to hear that Darth. If you hear from him or his family, could you please let them know them know he has people praying for him and his family.

On a lighter note, glad you're still around...
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oh man, that sucks. that really sucks.
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I'm really sorry to hear this really sad piece of news.

The thread was one of the few really long threads that I actually took the time to read and digest. It actually kept me interested to the very end. Even more than the Neruda 'conversion' thread.
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Well he's gonna be in my prayers tonight.
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