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F/S: Lowered price like NEW Ultrasone Pro 650 @ $130

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Like new. Already burned in from home listening so the sound signature has matured and settled. Excellent condition, all original box, documentation, accessories, etc. Still on the original set of earpads and they are also in perfect condition. No scratches, scuffs, etc. I'm selling this pair since it's total overkill for late night movie viewing and I'm planning on getting a more portable phones to use both at home as well as on the go (named B&W P5s).

New lowered price $130 and $5.99 domestic USA shipping.

Amazon.com:LIKENEWCOMP Storefront

This is the FINAL time I'm lowering the price on these. Any lower and it just wouldn't be worth it. I'll give it a few days and then I'm removing this listing from Amazon.

If you would like photos (full sized images so you can see the nitty gritty, and see that these things are spotless), please PM me with your e-mail and I will take a set of pictures of these and send them to you tonight.
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Just wanted to add. The last and final day of this Amazon listing will be April 1st. After that, I'm just going to keep them.
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Perhaps I will consider these. They have the larger 1/4 plug though correct? And the wire is replaceable?

Thank You
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Yup. Comes with original cords. Perfect condition. Both cords terminate with the 1/4 and there is a 1/4 to minijack adapter as well. The only cord I've used since day one has been the uncoiled cable. Only thing that is not practically box fresh is the carrying case, it's a little dusty (it's mostly been sitting there, literally collecting dust that I dust off once in awhile). I've just sold my Shure e530s last night, the buyer picked it up this afternoon, he seemed pleased and I'm hoping he can come on here later tonight and leave me some positive feedback (they were pristine, just like these Ultrasones are).

All original documentation, demo CD, etc. Still on the first pair of earpads (in excellent condition). No scratches. No scuffs. Only reason I'm getting rid of them is that I'm going to downgrade(?) to the B&W P5s for general purpose use since they are far more portable plus they are only 25ohms as opposed to these Ultrasones which are 75ohms (I've used the Ultrasones only at home and driven with the Tomahawk amp, which I've put up for sale as well and is now currently being held for a buyer). Pics and everything are available upon request, I would just need your e-mail address so please PM me with that if you wish to have pictures of them (full sized pics, so you can see everything as clearly as the camera would allow). No negotiating for price, as going any lower than $130 for pretty much almost new headphones that cost me $300 and change doesn't make much sense for myself. I'm going to pull them from my Amazon storefront and just keep them if nobody picks them up by April 1st.
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Somewhere I read the cord could be swapped out to use with a portable amp (1/8 connector without using the adapter) If I'm able to find such an animal that'd be great. Other than that, yes, I am trying to stay portable too. Thank you for your time and help with explanations and such. I haven't given up yet!
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U.S. shipping only?
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A few clarifications:

1) This is a Amazon sale only.

2) These are the Pros and not the lower end HFIs which in my opinion have a coloured sound. These Pros are actually made more for sound recording thus the cords terminate with the 1/4 plug since they are really meant to be plugged into studio sound systems. It doesn't mean that they are not great for music, because they are, it just means that these are not low impedance casual phones and do require you to drive them sufficiently with a proper audio source (they will also reveal most if not all of the problems in the audio).

So, there you have it, and less then two days left before I take the listing off Amazon and just keep them.
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Thanks, I'll pass on this one...
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Just an update. The Ultrasone's have just been purchased. Thank you to everyone who had interest for this item. Congratulations to the new owner of these phones.
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