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Brisbane, Australia meet [July]

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Where: Summit Events Centre, Level 1, Iceworks

When: Saturday 17 July, 2010. 10:30am-5:30pm.

Parking: Available and included in our hire.

Public Transport: Bus 385, trains from Milton Station.

Door Fee: Please help cover the fees. A donation of $20 or greater would be appreciated. 


No, you don't need to have some gear to attend! One of the points of these meets to help new folks in their headphone decision making process. What's better than hearing the damn thing . Non Head-Fi friends are welcomed but you may only bring one friend who respects the property of others. Please let us know before the meet as we can only have so many people in the room. 

Confirmed Attending: 27

Audio Jester



Egor_ (OCAU)


JIGF (+ 1)
John - Coem Audio


Night_watchman (Headphonic)

Odd (Headphonic)

Plasmodic (OCAU)


Sophrosune (Headphonic)

Thrawn7 (+ 1)



Maybe attending: 4





A rough idea of potential gear -

Alessandro MS1
Alessandro MS1000
Alessandro MS Pro
AKG K501
AKG K601
AKG K701
Audio Technica AD900
Audio Technica AD1000
Audio Technica AD2000
Audio Technica ES7
Audio Technica W1000X
Audio Technica W5000

beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

beyerdynamic DT880 (250Ω)
beyerdynamic DT880 (600Ω)
Denon D2000
Denon D2000 (woody, markl modded)
Grado GS1000i

Grado RS1i
Koss KSC75

Sennheiser HD595
Sennheiser HD580
Sennheiser HD600
Sennheiser HD650
Shure SRH440
Ultrasone Pro900
Westone UM3X

Bottlehead Amp
Eddie Current Balancing Act
Ibasso D10 (Maxxed -blackgate etc etc)
Larrocco Diablo
Ibasso FiQuest with discrete buffers and modded to the hilt
Lisa III with LLP
Maverick D1
Meier Arietta

Meier Concerto
Meier Corda Move
Meier Swing
qusp's own portable amp!
Pico Slim
Yamamoto HA-02

Ackodac sabredac with dual mono QRV08 headamp and transformer coupled line out
Audio GD Compass
Beresford TC7250
CA 640cV2
CA DacMagic
Citypulse DA-7.2x II
E-MU USB 0404
KingRex UD-01
Lite DAC-83


Meier StageDac
Meridian G08

MHDT Havana
MHDT Paradisea
QLS QA-550
RWA Isabellina (USB) DAC
TPA Buffalo 32 II (Portable?)
TPA Buffalo 32S
Virtue Audio M1

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Maybe I should fly up for the weekend. Go surfing, then check out some audio gear
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Sounds like an awesome plan.
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I'm in.
Hopefully I will have some of my new gear by then...
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Sounds very interesting!
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Right thanks for the PMs so far guys. I've whacked together a list of possible gear as people always like to see what might be there. If you can't bring all/some of your gear, let me know.

Hopefully this thread will get more attention in the coming weeks and I'll see how much non Head-Fi interest I can get.
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I will attend if I am not working. Can bring my Talisman T-35HP and AKG k107's.
Look forward to learning heaps and hearing some other equipment and cans.

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We haven't fixed a date yet so there's a decent chance of you picking the date.
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As long as I have more than 2 weeks notice so I can tell work tough ****, I don't care when it is =)

But it should be quite a bit of fun and a rare opportunity to try out some gear =D I'm also interested to compare my RS1i to Momiji's MS-Pro.
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Looking good so far! Come on Brissy people, you know you want to be there!
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Hey i didn't even know there was a Team Australia group!!??

Count me in. I can provide the following bits of gear. Apologies if you already have listed any of this stuff. But this is what i currently have in my arsenal.

Beyer-DT880 (600ohm)
Audio Technica - ATH-W5000
AudioTechnica - ATH-W1000
Sennheiser - HD600

Bottlehead Amp
Yamamoto HA-02
Eddie Current Balancing Act

Oritek Modified Zhalou (v4.2)
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jrisles you got some sweet gear =)
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Oh sweet. We're getting close to that magical 10. Just 3 more to go . Then I'll go crazy finding a venue etc.

I've added all your gear to the list jrisles. Don't worry if there is already one of your headphones - bring as much as you can. I'm just going to bring a suitcase myself . Here is the Team Australia Group.

If you do happen to post in the forums, you could link this thread in your sig.
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I am looking forward to hearing your 600ohm beyers.

I have looked at a few places already, but as usual it is a matter of cost. We will need to discuss this with Jude as well as part of a requirement of the HeadFi meets.
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Well we certainly have the gear to go ahead with a meet. It would be easier to chase a venue after the Easter long weekend. Of course, if we do decide to have a door fee, we will go bug Jude as required.
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