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SOLD: Darkvoice 336SE

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I bought this from another head-fier here a couple months ago. They are in good condition and work perfectly.

My initial idea was that I was going to get some higher impedance cans in the realms of HD650, DT990, etc. I've now decided I'm going to stick with my Grados and other low impedance headphones.

So, I'm looking to get a hybrid amp more suited for low impedance headphones, which is why I am selling this.

The amp will come with the following tubes:

Bendix 6080 WB
Sylvania 6SN7WGT

The Bendix and Sylvania have about 650 hours on them. The RCA has around 100 hours put on by the previous owner. They are all in good working condition.

See pictures at: Picasa Web Albums - TripleU - Darkvoice 336...

Pictures of the RCA 6AS7G are not there. If you would like pictures of it, please let me know. Also, in the pictures, there are some tubes that I don't have any longer. Please refer to the three tubes I listed above as those are the only ones I have left.

I'm asking SOLD. I am in Canada so would like to keep it in Canada (no taxes/customs for you ) but will do international if I don't get enough interest.
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Bump. Open to offers.
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will you take 250 canadin shiping pm .
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its a rocking unit its great akg k701 sound so oune real with that amp my dad akg 480nc sound great on that amp in next couple of days want try my bro sen hd 25 mk2 both power tubes sond good on that amp.
I will let you know how things trune out i havent route a post but i did blog i will do post this weak i will.
I boute 10 6sn7 tubes of difernt brands i will do reviwe on that as well
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