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Decided to try using them as continuous wear. I found after 2 days of continuous wear they become very comfortable frequently not needing any rewetting over the coarse of the day unless I use the computer a lot & even then maybe one or 2 drops in each eye during the time that I'm viewing the computer.

When not at the computer most the time now I don't even feel them! I now understand this to be common with these lenses as fresh ones are a little abrasive compared to slightly worn ones. Been wearing them now continuously for 7 days & night vision is still incredible with these compared to other lenses. Also it has been found that certain lipids in tears actually improves the wetting of the lense when present in small amounts on the lense. these lenes though they still attract more lipids than standard hydrogels only attract a small amount compared to other silicone hydrogels. Because of this they rarely seem to atract sufficient amounts to compromise wetting & as a result may actually enhance the wetting of the lense especially given the type of lipids they attract. It is probably this property that allows such comfortable continous wear of the Night & Day lenses.
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Well I asked my eye doctor for contact lenses... it's not working out so great.


Because of my really, really strong astigmatism in my right eye (pretty much blind), he has to custom order prescriptions. I've had two sets of lenses to try out and neither are working.


I'm going to go back in a few days to try some more lenses he got but I'm probably going to ask him for some hard contacts instead.

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