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Info. on New Sony Portables

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I was wondering if anyone out there had any SQ info. on Sony's New Portable Headphones the MDR-570LP and and the MDR-770LP? The MDR-570LP received a good review in and I was just interested in any other opinions on SQ. They both look very interesting to me!! Never have really liked the SQ for Sony's portable phones in the past, but the SQ is suppose to be quite different than recent offerings from Sony. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Happy Listening.
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The both are Pre-order on J&R for $49 free shipping and is shown in stock at B&H. I don't think many Head-fier's wanted to pay the import price. There should be some impressions now that it is released in NA.

I would love a headphone the size of the 770 that really performs well. Pipe dream maybe and I really don't expect too much for $50. They could have gone with 40mm drivers on the 770 though. Hopefully they do more than just look good.
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I found a pair of the Sony MDR-570LP (in my favorite color, orange) at my Ross discount store for $25.00.  Given the positive review at, I think I will try them out. 

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I bought the 770LP at B&H for $14.95. I mentioned that they look kinda cool. They do in and of themselves just sitting on a table or something. Wearing them, I think they look fairly ugly. Though I feel as if they didn't take into account how they would look when worn, they did design the ear pieces to the shape of the ear and the fit/comfort is great even if the drivers are a bit peanut shaped.


As for the sound, they sound quite good. May benefit from more burn-in but I would rank them second among the latest ultra-portables I've heard. Behind the Q460 and the PX-200-II but slightly ahead of the K430, PX100-II, and the PX90. Q460 is a cut above while the others are quite closely bunched together. The best deal of the bunch by far at  the $14.95 price.

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