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Recently have a chance to compared the V100 and V200 in a dealer showroom in my area. The V200 definitely has more details, resolution, etc., but I found the V100 to have a fuller tone and more suited to vocals. Suffice to say the V200 does not appear to have a decidedly advantage over the V100 for my preference.


That said, I am not being conclusive because at the time of testing the V100 and V200 are hooked to different interconnect and power cables, and the V100 was running on RCA input while the V200 balanced XLR.


I would like some feedback from those who have heard both. Thanks.

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Not to hijack the thread, but since this is where all the smart people are, I figured I'd ask. Recently got a v90. As I've listened to it quite a bit with the stock opamps, I would like to experiment with a few of my fav's. Thing is, I don't know if they'll be compatible or not. Ideally the 637, the 8620, and the 727, and maybe you all could recommend something new.


I am going to put my order in and I need to know how many and are adapters needed. For example, the 637's in my M-stage were 2 on an adapter board. Do I need to do the same here. There are currently two opamps, I assume for each headphone jack.


And if you feel strongly about a particular opamp, let's hear it.

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Originally Posted by fdg View Post

Please note, I am a "Member of trade - Manufacturer"

Hey Maxime, when your quoting, please do it right.

This is what I sayed:

"Lake People and Violectric gear is hand-made in Germany.
The employees of the company earn sufficent money with their work
so that nobody of them is forced to have a second or third job after work.
They live in condos with a roof on top, they have enough to eat,
their children can go to quiet good schools for free and they can count
on a reliable public transportation system or own cars.

Beneath a 25 years experience with lots of (outstanding) products
which have to be developed, this is also what the customer pays for.

Everybody may feel free to buy his stuff in the far east
but nobody should cry afterwards when suddenly his job own job is obsolete."

You may think this is blabla - but I cant feel bad whilst developing and producing in Germany and offering jobs.

Nobody has more Headphone Amp sold to German Broadcasters, TV stations, studios, producers and others.
Now it may be that all these guys are stupid because they dont care for the right op-amps inside.
On the other hand, maybe these people listen first before judging ...



I never knew that this was one of the CEO's statement.  But hearing him say this, it makes me even happier that I bought from this company.

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is there anyone who want to share more in depth impressions about the v200 set to gnd for the groundlift jumper, and to dc operation, vs ac and lift settings?



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The G109 by Lake People is measured here:



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The Chinese made an exact copy: DAC V800, HPA V181, HPA V200. Who ever heard of these devices?
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Originally Posted by StalkerAssassin View Post

The Chinese made an exact copy: DAC V800, HPA V181, HPA V200. Who ever heard of these devices?

LOL why am I not surprised. Anyway, no more Chinese copies of anything for me. If I'll buy Chinese I'll buy genuine, not a rip off, just because of my OCD which would not make me forget I payed a lot of money for something that's not as good as the original.
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I used the HD800/V200 combo now for a few months. At first I drove the HD800 with my Emu 0404 but although it sounded very good to my ears it gave me ear fatigue. With the V200 that is all gone.


The V200 makes listening to the HD800 quite addictive!! :)

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Anyone have experience with the V200 and a Schiit Bifrost (UBER USB) DAC? for the HD800 and LCD2.


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Hey guys, i can't decide between a second hand HPA V200 or a bottlehead crack + speedball for my hd800's. Has anyone tried both?

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