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Has anyone noticed how Sony MDR-CD1700's _require_ a good source? - Page 2

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Things have moved on in the past couple of weeks...

Got a bonus from my works... so, on Saturday getting the X-Cans V2 to go with my Sony CD1700s...

Just wondering how much better the X-Cans will make the Sonys sound over my QED amp... but... well, only 4 days to go
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If that qed amp you have is a £35.00 then you should notice a dramatic increase!

Couple of tips for you

a) let the thing warm up for at least a couple of days as this will improve the sound.
b) Never EVER take the plug transformer out the plug as this will make a nasty whining sound. It doesnt do any damage that I can hear its just a bit startling
c) Use good interconnects

Enjoy, let us know what you think when you get it!!
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I just got a X-PSU over the weekend and by turning off the x-psu hense the x-can, there isn't a whinning sound. And for some reason where the wall wart transformer gets "REALLY" hot, the X-PSU stays cool all the time. even when powering 2 X-ponents for over 3 hours.
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How much is the X-PSU? and... does it make an improvement to the sound of the X-Cans V2... should i just buy one from the outset, or class it as an upgrade?

Sorry for going offtopic... but... well... I have CD1700s... and... they NEED a good source
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The X-PSU is a upgrade really but if you are planning to get a X-CANv2 and see a X-PSU, try to get it together and get a discount.

The X-PSU improves the bass end quite a bit, it gives it weight and also smooth out the sound a little. Since the X-ponents range has been discontinued, finding one new is quite hard. So if you see one, I would get it. it is not nessary to have one but it's useful as it has a on/off switch and if you have more than one X-ponents the cost can be spread. (it powers up to 4)
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The X-PSU is retail at £130, it's the one under my name on the left!
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Oops... Something I haven't thought about, that ultimately shouldn't change my mind... but actually how much is the X-Cans? I have £150 set by, but can go to £200 if need be... I didn't even ask the bloke at the shop how much it'd be... am I in budget?

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Yep you are ok for the budget

X-cansv1 £130.00

X-cansv2 £149.00

So you'll have a £1.00 left over from your £150.00!! Go wild, buy a lottery ticket or something with it! Who knows you could win the jackpot

You don't need the x-psu straight away but the wall transformer supplied with the x-cans (either version) does run VERY hot.
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Is there a reason that you are against V1 of the x-cans??
I'm a firm believer in future-proofing oneself, and basically ALL accounts I've read about the v2 is that it is consistently MUCH better than the v1. Maybe if they were selling the v1 at a MAJOR discount since it's been superceded by the v2 I'd be keen as I don't listen thru my 'phones a HUGE amount, but for the only 19 quid difference I definitely think it's worth holding out for a v2. Of course, being the tight-@r$e that I am, I'm not prepared to pay full retail for either of them and will be quite happy settling for a cheaper, already run-in 2nd-hand or ex-dem unit.

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I got the X-Cans (V2) 3 days early

At the moment its playing from cold, and sounds brilliant... what is the difference in sound between cold, and warm tubes??

hehehe Thanks
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