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Impressions- Dayton Wright State Meet.  

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Fun as usual. Cool people, very nice gear too little time.

HE-5/HD-800 Mighty close race.

SP amp review indicates no damages or poor workmanship. Tis a goodin.

Thanks Bubu1 for stepping up and hosting this little meet. Will discuss gear when done.

Gotta do it again.
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What a great meet. Just enough people and just enough gear to listen to in the time we had.

The HE-5 and their matching amp, the EF5, were excellent. I tried the HE-5 out of my iMod/Micro Amp and they were not as magical so the can/amp pair has been nicely matched.

The HD-800 were pretty darned good but a bit too sterile for me. We had some argument over the HE-5 being too "hot" and the HD-800 being neutral, and us old guys liked the HE-5 *because* they were on the hot side to make up for hearing loss.

And we had some of the nicest people I've ever met at any gathering. It was very nice to meet those I hadn't met and renew acquaintance with those I had. I think we all spent more time talking than listening to music, but that was great. The time went too quickly.

Great meet, great gear, great people. An excellent way to spend a Saturday.
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definitely worth not sleeping today, since i work nights, and having to work again tonight, even lady gaga may have a hard time keeping me up...

But to the meet, so many headphones to try and so little time. My first new headphone was the RS1 with bowls, and i hated it, i swore off grados right there. It seemed like all i could hear was the guitar, the cymbols and the singer, and nothing else, no bass, no drum kit, nothin...But then Absorbine got there and made me try his with the flats, and it was a completely different headphone, and i actually enjoyed it, probably my second favorite can.

The he-5's were everything i was hoping theyd be, and they even had bass! and what i thought was quite a bit of impact. At least once you hit a certain point on the volume, its like it swtiched on the bass, till then it was pretty week, but after i got a huge grin on my face these were the open cans i had been looking for.

Maybe my time with the 13's has ruined me, but i really wasnt that impressed with the bass out of any of the denons, like it wasnt bad, but after everything i heard, i was just expecting a little more.

and then there are the k702's. These for 250 bucks are a tremendous value, and will probably be the open cans that i buy to use once a week, not a alot of bass, bu the bass was punchy, and the highs had more than enough detail, and area i felt the dt880's and the denons felt a little rolled off, cymbols were much better articulated on the akg's, and they didnt sound so sterile to me.

Definitely had a great time though, so thanks to bubu1 for hosting the event! it was in a nice little conference room. We had a great turnout, loads of gear to try and try to compare, though we definitely spent more time chatting about music and gear than actually listening. But i did get to hear most the major manufacturers that i wanted to which made me happy.

cant wait for the next one!

Edit: forgot to mention how the protector ran the only balanced full sized we had at the meet. We tried the HD800's on them, and while it gave up a little bit of low end to the BUDA stack, it certainly held its own, and i certainly wouldnt be upset to have to live with that permanently, that tiny little amp can put out some power when it needs too!

EDIT 2: Forgot to lwrite up a bit aout the hd800's. They were pretty darn nice, specially balanced out of the BUDA, though i didnt have to chance to try them with the zana deux. For me, these really depended not just on the genre, but the band in question as well, some metal sounded awesome with them, some others the phones had too much soundstage which would viel some of the music from me, but it was ridiculously recording dependent. But ill say i liked the he5's more personally, more lively, a bit less sterile, and the he5's are absolutely stunning with female voices.
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Definitely had a great time though, so thanks to bubu1 for hosting the event! it was in a nice little conference room. We had a great turnout, loads of gear to try and try to compare, though we definitely spent more time chatting about music and gear than actually listening. But i did get to hear most the major manufacturers that i wanted to which made me happy.

cant wait for the next one![/QUOTE]

You Hit the Nail on the HEAD! Big Daddy, What a great group of guys we had with plenty of outstanding equipment to demo..BuBu1, thanks so much for putting "things" together! I'm sure equipment reviews and great pics will follow.. Thanks for those who traveled so far, for your time,stories,and knowledge! We got to share, Many LAUGHS along with GREAT music... hope to see you soon! Duke PS Thanks HC for the disc loan....
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I had a great time and it was good to meet all of you. Thanks for organizing this! Future meets are necessary. Here are some pictures:

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Thanks all for making time to come out on a beautiful Saturday. We will definitely have to do this again soon. Great group of knowledgeable guys and a whole lot of fun to hang out with that's for sure.
I really enjoyed all of the setups that I listened to although admittedly I was involved in more conversations than actual listening.
I enjoyed happy campers 701's through his singlepower amp. The condition of the ear pads make a huge difference. Who knew?
I really liked the HE5's in absorbine sr's setup. Good sounding cans.
What blew me away though, was the 800's through the Zana Deux. Very sweet treble and warm overall sound. Good thing I'm not into tube amps!!

Thanks punnisher for the great pics!!!
Gotta go!. The little ones are up.
Hopefully I'll post more later!
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Nice pics! I hope you all had a blast.
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Looks like a mighty fine meeting.
Especially like the look of the HD800 with Headroom stack rig. So clean

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Hi Everybody,

This was a great meet. A huge thanks to Bubu1 for hosting it and taking care of everybody.

There was definitely more chatting than listening and this was great for me. There was a great group of people and we had a good bit of fun poking fun at each other and the eqiupment. I've heard a lot of headphones before so I'm among that group that goes to meets more for meeting people than trying headphones.

Here is my report.

Head Direct HE5/EF5 combo - I found this to have too much energy at the top end and didn't like it all that much.

HD800 - This is the third time I've heard Bubu1's HD800 and I'm still on the fence about it. I think this is because of the soundstage. Sometimes the imaging is fantastic and the music is great. At other times the imaging is strange and it doesn't sound right. I guess it depends on your choice of music. This is definitely a great classical can!

Audio Technica A900 - I've had the AD900 and liked it a lot. I did not like the A900. Too much energy at the top and not enough at the bottom of the frequency range for my preference.

Denon D2000/D5000/D7000. I own the D5000 and D7000 and finally got a chance to compare them to the D2000. IMHO these 3 headphones are all 90% (or more) the same sound. The differences are forgettable if you listen to one for a while and get used to it. I wonder if I should sell off the D5K/D7K and buy the D2K...

Shure SE530 - A nice sounding IEM. It was a little rolled off in the treble though.

Westone UM2/UM3X - I didn't like them much.

Head Direct RE0 - A very nice IEM. I find it highly amusing that the PFE and RE0 (both single driver IEMS) have better treble and bass extension, and neutrality, in comparison to the SE530 and UM2 and UM3X. What are all those extra drivers for? I can EQ the bass on the PFE and RE0 to exceed both quantity and quality of these multi driver IEMS.

Triple Fi 10 - Hard to tell about the sound because they are huge and fitting them in my ear was difficult. My impression matches the typical review of a smiley face EQ.

JH13 Pro - There was no JH13 at the meet. But in the spirit of SoupRKnowva's pair I'l post comments on a demo pair I heard some time ago. A great headphone, period! This has a top-tier sound regardless of if you compare it to other IEMS or full sized cans. I think it has quite a solid quantity of bass, maybe too much so for some bass heavy music. If I could ever bring myself to spend $1K+ on a pair of headphones...

I think that's it. I did hear some other headphones (e.g. HD650, K701, DT880) but these have been reviewed to death on Head-Fi so I'll leave it at that.

Again, thanks to Bubu1 for hosting the meet! I had a lot of fun and the time flew by.
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Darn nice gear you all had, the venue was most appropriate! Glad to read fun was had by all. Cheers.
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Every one I've met at head fi has been knowledgeable, passionate, witty bloks with some really nice gear. You know they'd fit in with the gang.

I envy youth's thirst for (and retention of) knowledge. Chase, Punnisher and friend was engineering/software resources. Driven to learn and access to resources are perfect environments and I have come away with a new respect for educational institutions and those who make it their professions. Then you have us crusties that have been playing with our toys for years. When they speak it's by experience and you find yourself finishing their sentences and grin. Then you have those who have the passion for superior sound that are casual to the whys and hows but have skills that demand performance. Shake that up, add a beer and a beautiful day and you have time well spent. Thank you all for being so cordial and willing to share your experiences, concerns, opinions and wit.

I've been to meets in homes, block wall class rooms, sound treated media rooms and the room really makes a difference when trying to hear open phones. When ten guys get together and talk in a block walled room, forgetaboutit. I desperately want to hear both the HD 800s and the HE-5 in a quiet setting. I was impressed with both. Trying to listen to electronic's finer nuances is impossible.

To the gear, you never ever have time to do what you want to do when you start out. Mix and match, try this, listen to other's taste in music and it ends up you get little to nothing done.

HD 800

There was much anticipation with all the advance hype given them. They sure have created a stir and are held in high regard. Best in the world does not come to mind. Better than any currently built dynamic headphone that I've heard, yes. It's been mentioned here often that the higher you go in "performance", the dryer the sound. Compared to the 650s, the 800s remind me of the AT sound with less bottom end. A bigger sounding 70x. The 800s do everything better than the 701. Do they do it with enough of an improvement to merit the price difference? Each person has to decide that with their ear and financial resources. If having the best available gear is a main motivation, you have them. Technically outstanding sound. Based on descriptions of others, I expected to hear what I heard. Well balanced, hyper-detailed and a bit wispy with expansive material.

Musically they are very dependent on source/amp. That, to me, means you have a good performing headphone. You could hear every change done to the link. All music portrayed its prowess on them. Metal was strong and energetic, acoustic was light and resonant, orchestra was full and spacious yet focused. All the parts could be followed without being overpowered by others. As much as they look like a helmet, they don't feel too intrusive. Pretty light for all the frame.

HE-5 kit

This is one that surprised and impressed me the most. I had no pre conceived thoughts on this one because I only casually read up on it. But those who have heard the pair gave it very high marks. The design is sturdy with a small presence, comfortable fit and delicate feel. For the size, the amp matches the headphone quite well. I thought that if Mike bought it, it must be pretty good cause I know his references.

The sound has all the openness and fullness of the 800s. very similar actually. I listened to both on my system and would love to spend more time with each. Very nice.

D 7000

When I first heard the 2000 I wasn't too impressed. I am used to an open phone and felt too smothered in the closed environment. The bass sounded muddy and the mids were recessed because of it. The 7000s correct this. I found them to be very engaging and balanced at low volumes. Now I can see why they have such a following. Of course the wood is beautiful and the build is a tank. Being a 701 fan, I was surprised by the amount of bass kick in a good way. Very nice.


This headphone was in the running when going for my first full sized pair. I felt they were too hot (not having heard Grados yet) for my tastes. I had the chance to hear a broken in pair on a tube amp and have found new respect.

I'd like to be able to take the time to pop in some dacs for a quiet listen. I was able to get a listen to the GD dac. Initial impression is GD has pretty good quality at it's pricepoint. Makes me want to hear the Ref. series to see what Mr. Kingwa's talents are capable of.

The JH-13s were a no show to my dismay. Chase has them back for treatment so I'll have to wait to hear what I'm missing for another time.

Duke's castle rig sounds like a must listen. If it sounds on par with his headphone rig, I'm going to be impressed (damn showoff ).

The portables of Hardwireds leave nothing home. Portables are high end sources when done right. With so much HeadRoom gear, I thought maybe Tyl was sponsoring this meet. Well hearing it says you can't go wrong with HeadRoom's gear.

I long to hear a properly amped O2/HE/Jade/Koss. I'm rooting on one of the gang to find success and bring one to a future meet.

Pics are very well done. Love the balanced jacks with the 800s in the background.

I'd go fishing with all of them, good people.

Doc, you missed a fun meet. May be time for us to put one together in C'nati. Have yours call mine, we'll lunch.
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Anytime you want a quiet listen to the 800's just shoot me a PM.
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the 800 is a great looking headphone. i also love the RS1 with buttons.
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Originally Posted by Bubu1 View Post
Anytime you want a quiet listen to the 800's just shoot me a PM.
Noted and thank you.
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Just jumping in here to say I did arrive home safely and will post some impressions tomorrow (hopefully). But it was definitely a good time with the Ohio gang.
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