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Oh hell no. High school sucked. Granted, I had some great friends and a few good times, but it was largely awful. I haven't attended a reunion and have no plans to.

Undergrad, on the other hand, was a blast. Drinking, girls, a bit of freedom, much better classes, everything. It was a party. Law school was a bit more work, but still a lo of drinking and girls. Post graduation has been even more work, but I still find time to hit the bar and do irresponsible things with women. Life is good.
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Are you kidding? High school sucks!

I don't even attend any of the reunions and have no desire even though my classmates were good people. But there's nothing wrong with liking high school. For me I was glad to get the hell out and I did not even want to attend my graduation but my mom made go. I like the real world much better because it's much more interesting. High school was like jail sentence for me.
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Originally Posted by TheAudioDude View Post
It's doing pretty well, thanks for asking! The scar is healing nicely, but the top of my finger is bent a little bit, which will be permanent.

I start physical therapy on Monday, but I've already managed to get some movement back on my own.
Ohhhhh!!! lol
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Yep, Spareribs, graduation was dreadful. What really provoked me was looking around and seeing all the other graduates. I had taken honors and AP classes, and even picked up three college credits from a joint high school/community college course (those paid off big, too, since I brought 15 or 16 units into undergrad and got a BA in seven semesters), but I looked around and saw all the slackers and deadbeats. They were gettimg the same exact diploma I was. People who were given a diploma mostly as a reward for not destroying anything or assaulting anyone. The diploma felt worthless.

Then there was the alcohol-free "Grad Night" on campus afterwards. We had some kind of casino boat theme. There had been a contest for the theme, but the administration rejected my suggestion for a Dante's Inferno party. Some brimstone and fire would have livened up the gym, in my opinion, and I even recommended a special circle for the popular kids.

Still, we managed to have a bit of fun. A few friends figured out how to game the casino and cleared out several of the dealers. We managed to cause a few other problems, as well.

That was about the last time I set foot on the campus. No plans to go back.
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I don't miss what I went through. I hated high school - the teachers, the students, everything. A lot of it due to my own dopey-assed-self, but I can only absorb so much blame for such a crappy 4 years of my life. The worst 4 years of my life by far. If Marine Corps boot camp was 4 years in length, it would still be WAY, WAY more fun than high school. Yuck.

I'd love to go back knowing all that I know now.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
(those paid off big, too, since I brought 15 or 16 units into undergrad and got a BA in seven semesters)
Where'd you get your BA?
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Originally Posted by logwed View Post
University of Minnesota Twin Cities, looking to study Aeronautical Engineering.
thats the same college i'll be attending next year

in cbs doing something with biology

doing full time pseo now though, so i've some umn experience.
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Highschool - Removing any semblance of self-learning from kids.
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i'll miss highschool say, as much as you'd miss something like an enema. lol

Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Highschool - Removing any semblance of self-learning from kids.
this +1
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I graduated last June and what I do miss:
The group of friends I had...I was new to the town I went to HS in in 7th grade and I befriended a few people who I still keep some contact with today.
The easiness of classes...I graduated with a 3.4(89 weighted) with little effort...if I had not taken Calculus senior year it'd probably have been more like a 3.5, but oh well.
Some of the teachers and the smaller classes...Most classes were 20 people and you had the ability to...shine, in a sense. I'm current a business major, but I found history quite easy in the classes I took in HS, or maybe my classmates had a lack of knowledge/interest that made what I knew seem like..a lot.
What I don't miss:
-The annoying people that I'd have to put up with...no way around it.
-The schedule...waking up at 6 or so in the morning sucked, no question...the college schedule sure is one worth paying for
-The lack of variety in classes...You needed 3 years of science, and there weren't any real options...I sucked at Chem and Physics, and was meh in Bio. In college we have more options.
What do I regret?
-Not taking more honors classes/any AP classes my senior year...I took 2 honors classes senior year and I felt more challenged and that I was in with a group of kids that were at more of a similar level that I was at. And when I got to college, most kids already had anywhere between 6 and 30+(!) credits...and the fact that NY has regents and NJ doesn't...does not help me.
-Not going after certain girls...but oh well, you can't really dwell on the past.
-Working more...I worked weekends at a grocery store, but I know I could have done hours.
-Not getting my license until I left for college...I felt senior year would have been more enjoyable if I had a car and could have come later, left at will, and gone out to lunch.

And I kind of regret going to a college where nobody from my graduating class went, but I guess it's starting on a new slate, although I don't think I'd have regretted staying local.
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I think school in general is awful.

(In college now)
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I miss high school very much, but it is mainly because of my friends. Sadly over time people change and sometimes move in different directions. I wish I could go back there, even just for the weekend.
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After being expelled for a fight I wasn't even in and "given" a diploma, a mutual dislike that will last a life time is where high school and I stand.
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Having turned 56 today you can bet your ass I miss high school.
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And I kind of regret going to a college where nobody from my graduating class went
I am extremely glad that I did this. It was a bit lonely at the beginning, but by Sophomore year it was clear that it was the best decision ever.

On the other hand, I wouldn't have minded law school with some college friends.
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