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high school wasnt all bad, there are certainly some things i would ahve done different while i was there though if i were to do it over. I got pretty good grades, graduated with a 3.6, but i never did any homework, i was the guy rushing through everything in class before they collected it haha but mainly, theres far too much structure when you're in high school, parents/teachers to listen to all the time, could never do whatever you wanted. I also was working 36-40 hours a week on top of school starting junior year, and i actually had alot more fun at target and with my friends there than i ever did at high school. It was cool because it was in a totally different town from my highschool, and so it was like i lived two different lives, i was almost a different person at each.

but in all, id say i miss college, definitely not high school. The promiscuity of freshman year was a party for sure
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I just received admission to the University of California, Berkeley. Still waiting for several others. On a side note, my JH13s may not need another fit..
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Not really.

I certainly don't miss waking up at 4:30AM to get ready for the early classes and volunteer stuff I did. I certainly don't miss a lot of people I met in high school. I certainly don't miss the immature mentality of most of my classmates. I don't miss detention. I don't miss most things. I cherish certain memories and experiences I had in high school but that's about it.

I miss being in college far more. The girls. The freedom to pick your own schedule. The girls. The liberty of living on your own! The girls. The interesting people you meet. The girls. Most of all...all the sex with the girls.
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High School was fun but adulthood is unreal, so NO.
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I miss being able to coast with little to no effort, I miss Academic Decathlon, and I miss a few of the teachers who had some sort of impact on my life at the time.

Beyond that, I don't really miss High School much, and don't really think back on it much either.
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Originally Posted by appophylite View Post
I miss being able to coast with little to no effort
Amen. I also miss having a close group of friends around to share experiences and memories with. On the flip side, it feels like I accomplish more in a day now, then I had in an entire semester in high school.

Do I miss it overall? Not really. As much as I enjoyed the camaraderie, I feel I have been better able to develop myself since leaving that behind.
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High school was garbage. Nobody could pay me enough money to ever go back to that hell. College was way, way better. Working life had its ups and downs - more downs once the corporate BS started trickling down - at that point it started to feel more like high school again. They'd always told us, starting in 5th grade, that "you'd better shape up, because next year they'll stop babying/coddling you!". What a load. Some places it just never stops - the form of it just changes slightly - and I can't live like that. Give me a sink-or-swim environment, and then LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE TO DO MY THING THAT I'VE BEEN TRAINED/EDUCATED TO DO.

Last couple of years I've been with a startup company very much in line with my philosophy. Life is better than ever

Edit: Actually I think maybe it was 2nd grade when they started feeding us the "they'll stop babying you next year!" line. In this society, it never stops unless you start running hard and FAR away.
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Originally Posted by mulveling View Post
Last couple of years I've been with a startup company very much in line with my philosophy. Life is better than ever
What kind of startup?
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Not missing it at all.
I graduated from the equivalent to your High School 20 years ago, so it is definitely something of the past. It was all part of the learning experience though, so would not have missed out of it.
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Maybe slightly because of old friends and such but college is much better.
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I felt the same anxiety as my high schools years were ending. Joined the Army. Best decision I ever made. Now it's been 15 years since high school, and 10 since the Army. I can safely say I have more fun, friends, and appreciation of life, than I did in HS.

The risks out in the Real World are great, but so are the rewards. Go accomplish something, you'll feel better.
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Not really. A change of pace is a really great way to grow and mature, I know I did when I went to college halfway around the world in NY.
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Miss High School? Not one bit, nor college for that matter.
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You couldn't pay me enough to go back to high school.

I miss college though.
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i do. i miss a lot of yesterdays as well.

while reading this thread, i google my high school/secondary school and it has its own webpage. nice! of course there are lots of things that i would have done differently but, hey like the school page says, success is the result of taking a misstep in the right direction
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