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In many ways I miss high school, and I still think about it almost daily. Which is probably weird since I'm just about to finish my second year of college.

Back in high school, me and a lot of friends had this lunch area to ourselves, and now that we're scattered across the United States, at college I haven't been able to find friends that were quite as wild or funny as they were. Facebook helps a little, and I still talk to a friend daily on AIM, but it's still a bummer to look back and think of how great those times were, and now...it's just not as fun.

I also miss marching band. I almost lived for it for the four years I was in high school, and it gave me the opportunity to know a few amazing people that helped me shape my aimless personality for the better. There's a Pep Band here at college, but it's a far cry from what I had in high school. Plus the fact that I'm pretty much the only one in the group who is not a Music major puts me at a social disadvantage.

Competitive badminton was also a memorable time in high school. I loved the sport, had a terrific group of people to play with and talk to, and like marching band it made me put my personality and behavior into a sharper perspective. There's a badminton class here at college, but the vast majority just run around the court all ape**** and have no technique. The teachers for the class don't help either, because they're basically there just to look after us.

So in short, if I had the chance to go back in time and relive high school with the knowledge of what I did the first time around, I most definitely would.

But not the math or chemistry classes! Anything and everything but those horrid equations.
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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
Hey AudioDude, how's your finger doing?
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I dont think i want to know......
It's doing pretty well, thanks for asking! The scar is healing nicely, but the top of my finger is bent a little bit, which will be permanent.

I start physical therapy on Monday, but I've already managed to get some movement back on my own.
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Saved by the Bell was definitely better before the college years...
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No way I would ever go back to high school. It was fun but bottom line was I was living in my parents house making $6 an hour. Now I am living in my own place, and I make good money, and I can do whatever I want. Lots of friends in the first few years of college would whine about how great high school was, but there is no way, adulthood is way better.
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Not at all
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For what it is worth, I am 53 and I still think about High School. All the mistakes I made and some of the people I knew. But there is more to come!!!
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I'm a senior, and it does kind of hit me how much things are going to change after high school. I do like all my school acquaintances and friends, and I will miss those that I will inevitably lose touch with. That said, I have a real goon squad going to UofM Twin Cities, including my two best friends (one I've been friends with since 1st grade). Unfortunately, there will still be many people very dear to me that I will miss.

Academically, I will miss nothing. High school academics are a joke, an exercise that I can't bring myself to take seriously anymore.
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Where are you seniors heading?
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My buddies and I would joke about how similar our high school was to a prison. The food was crap, always taking orders and if I had to go to the bathroom I had to get a signed note just to walk the halls otherwise I would get in trouble by the dumb hall monitors. Oh and don't forget the gay guy who would hit on me all the time (i'm a bro btw).

So nope, not missing it.
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Originally Posted by DeusEx View Post
Where are you seniors heading?
University of Minnesota Twin Cities, looking to study Aeronautical Engineering.
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Originally Posted by trevorlane View Post
high school: no, college: yes, grad school: not even close

i don't even care to attend my 10 year reunion. my time at umass was/is the best times of my life.
Ever since I saw a sweatshirt that split UMass with Um on the other side of the zipper from ass, I can't think of it as U Mass.
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Originally Posted by DeusEx View Post
Where are you seniors heading?

99% chance that it will be Rochester Institute of Technology.
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I hated high school.
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I miss high school, I loved it.
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