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High school means nothing once you get to college. College is easily far better than high school in every aspect. I missed high school for a little bit before I started college, but I quickly forgot about it a few weeks later. When you're fresh out of college (and have a real job with bills to pay) you'll be missing it and wondering why you ever missed high school.
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It's been 40 years since high school. I don't miss it at all.
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Sometimes, as a college student, I do miss high school. For one, it was way way easier. Classes were also more comfortable in general, because they were smaller and a lot of the people in those classes you were acquainted, if not friends, with. Most of you had been in the same school district for years (unless you moved, obviously). And I lived with my parents, so I didn't have to worry about cooking food myself or doing laundry (most of the time).

And then all I have to do is remember waking up at 6AM and spending a solid 7 hours a day at school (more like 9 or 10 hours during soccer season!) to put it back in it's place, the place where I feel neutral about things.
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I definitely don't miss high school. I miss college much more than high school..thats for sure.
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i want to go back to the days of cutting classes and being carefree...
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I generally had a positive high school experience. I did very well academically, made a few friends, and had a great family to come home to every day. Do I miss high school? Not at all. The prospect of growing up and assuming all the responsibilities of being an adult is pretty scary to think about when you're in high school and you have people holding your hand in so many aspects of your life. Trust me, though, once you've adjusted to the responsibility, being on your own is fantastic, and I definitely value it more at this stage in my life than the comforts of high school. I was the type of kid in high school who hated all the nagging and hand-holding because I knew I would get my work done, I just couldn't seem to prove it to anyone else.

Another perk of saying goodbye to high school is that your peers start to become more mature too. Don't get me wrong, college kids can be some of the most immature you'll meet, but if you pick the right friends, it's nice to not have to deal with people who make stupid decisions and slack on their responsibilities.
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I would get banned so quickly if I went over my junior and senior years. My time in college also. All said, as much as it's nice to look back at those times, my fondest memories are the times I remember with my children. When they were born, birthdays, times spent together, holidays... I miss that more than anything else in this world.
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Hey AudioDude, how's your finger doing?
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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
Hey AudioDude, how's your finger doing?
I dont think i want to know......
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Nope, I don't miss those days.
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I definetly miss high school although it's been almost a year since graduation.
It was the best time in my life and I made wonderful friends that I still hang with all the time,I don't like my university friends very much,they don't take life seriously or care about their future or grades.All what they talk about is expected:Girls and hanging out.
I don't spend much time with them as I don't like talking ball**** all the time with nothing useful to say.I miss high school,teachers,the hard igcse courses and studying and most importantly my friends and the good times we spent together.
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Knowing then what I know now, i'd of dropped out and joined a commune!
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high school: no, college: yes, grad school: not even close

i don't even care to attend my 10 year reunion. my time at umass was/is the best times of my life.
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I had a LOT of fun in high school, but don't miss it much. Probably because it was so long ago. I worked full time while doing my undergrad and graduate degrees so I certainly don't miss that.

I do miss life before kids, though.
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