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My Soundmagic PL50s broke :(

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The other day I went to put on my soundmagic pl50s and they weren't putting out any sound. At first I thought it was something wrong with the headphones jack on my iphone cause I couldn't understand how the earphones broke as I've always taken care of them, but when I moved the wire around the earphones they started to put out some sound. So the problem is with the wire.

Is there any way I can fix this easily? If not then I guess I'm in the market for a new set of earphones. I really liked the fit of the pl50s but to be honest, with regards to sound quality I didn't notice much difference between them and the much cheaper jvc marshmallows I had before them.

So any recommendations for what I can do to fix them or alternatively what I should buy next?
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They need to come apart and be recabled or have the cable shortened past the breaks. Not something to try unless you're good at this sort of thing. YGPM
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Why don't you contact SoundMagic and inquire about a return? Your phones may be out of warranty, but they may still work with you on an exchange.
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Actually, it just hit me. I think they are still under warranty. Is the date on the piece of paper when the warranty is due or the date from which the warranty starts? I bought these headphones in 09 if I'm not mistaken.

That's the only paper related to warranty I found. Not sure what to do with it? How do I get a replacement?
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u can contact whoever you bought it from..assuming it was a dealer
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I got them from dealperfect.com. I think they are dealers of soundmagic products. There site isn't loading for me at the moment though :/

What's the best way to describe the condition of the earphones?

"Not working and some sound comes out when I move the cable" seems a bit rough.
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That's about it. Hope they don't give you a hassle that both are seperated at the ear. You or a friend probably did give them an extra tug without knowing for that to happen at the same time.
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Hmm well I'm the only one that uses these earphones and I don't ever remember tugging them or what not, so much so that I considered a broken headphones jack before the broken earphones. Also the cable still seems to be securely attached to the earphones so seems to me like it was something purely internal. Anyways I will see how it goes when I contact dealperfect, that is, if there site is ever going to come back up :/

Does anyone know anything about them? They didn't close or anything did they?
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I think it's just a server issue. I'm sure it will be back up. They've been around for a while. Good luck.

Stuff happens and I do some HiFi service. If it's at the ears, both sides wont break at the same time without help and the wire can easily break connection without showing on the jacket. I lost the driver on one of mine but they're modded so not trying to warranty. Hope they help with yours.
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The PL50 model has not even been around for a year so your phones should definitely still be covered by the warranty.

Now the bad news: dealperfect closed up shop around september due to losing their paypal account because of illegal merchandise. They moved to a new site, of which I forgot the name. However, soundmagic has a rep here on head-fi, Michael Lin whom you may want to contact directly. PM should work but he also has his email listed in his signature. Lastly, you can try going through Soundmagic's site, though I don't know how much English-language help you will receive.
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Thanks ljokerl, I've pmed Mr. Lin, will see how it goes.
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