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Reading, traveling and cooking.

... OK, that sounds generic.
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Gardening, tea, reading, cooking, camping, walking, film/TV. Sometimes gaming, biking, yoga, photography, and Foodspotting.
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Photography, jogging, tennis, motorbiking, mountainbiking, science-fiction books, politics, TV, meditating about existence... (not to mention listening to music and sound)
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I homebrew beer!
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Well I've been an audiophile for a long time now. The passion will always be there but it does come and go although I have this strange fascination with vintage audio gear I am always looking. I also can't seem to stop buying Jazz vinyl. Most of my time though is between mountain biking or riding the motor cycle. A bit of photography, my slr's have been sitting though. I decided to teach myself guitar at the age of 46.......maybe in 5 years or so I'll actually be able to play something. And last but not least I love microbrews
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Listening to music ofcourse

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, one the oldest martial arts. The art of swordfighting. Both Ken-jutsu and iai-jutsu
Pencak Silat, though since i got back issues its hard to keep practicing. Havent done anything for over 6 months.
RC cars is my newest hobby, since 4-5 months i love to race off-road with buggies and short course trucks at our slef made track.
Riding my motorcycle. With a new spring on the door step it starts itching again
I also like the stories H.P. Lovecraft wrote
Gaming, but not as much as like 5 years ago

I used to go mountainbiking quite often but my back keeps me from it.
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Airsoft is always fun.

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