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HIFI'ers what are you hobbies?! :)

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just wondering if Hifi'ers have the same likes and hobbies...

When you’re not spending your extra bling on headphones, amps, cables, etc...
What are you spending it on? What are you hobbies?
Ill start…
For the longest time I was into hot roding cars, making them go faster, faster, and FASTER! When I say hot roding, I’m talking about a full engine rebuild, from custom pistons, rods, cams, blocks, head, valves, valve springs, port and polish ports, valve jobs.. you name it, I probably done it..
Then, one day, as if I had an epiphany, I just stopped modifying cars, sold the “race car”, and started to even hate working on cars all together. I realized the faster you go, the more money it takes! Simply put, you spend a ton of money to go fast and once you’re fast, the car eats more fuel and also when you’re fast, things starts to wear and tear faster. It was a huge pit that took up lot of my money. Soon after I sold the car, I bought a pair of hd580. That’s when the hifi bug bit me.
When I’m not looking for the next best ear candy my current hobby/passion is film photography and collecting vintage SLR film cameras.
nothing beats is listening to a pair of grados while taking pictures with a vintage SLR camera on a nice sunny day

what is your hobby?
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This is kinda posted in the wrong forum, but ah well. I'll let the mods worry about that.

Playing guitar (acoustic mostly, electric sometimes) and making home recordings is a big hobby of mine. Just bought a cheap pair of SDC mics to see how I like recording in X-Y stereo configuration. I've done it a few times before, but never with the same two model mics.

I also enjoy attempting some photography. That's new though, so I'm pretty bad at it. - bought a D60+kit last summer, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

I also kayak in the summer, and surf with SUP boards. Used to ride motorcycles a lot, but once I moved I had nowhere to put one, so that kinda got sold off. Man, I miss riding.

Big into videogames too. Mostly Team Fortress 2 (PC) and Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) these days. I need to get a Component-to-HDMI adapter for my PS2 though, so I can play the Persona games.
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Motorcycle riding and photography.
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Well, I play games on my PS3... I also draw stuff once in a while, recently been out of inspiration though.
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Literature & history, bicycle travels, turnery, PC games, annoying my wife.
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Triathlons, bicycling, RC planes/helis and woodworking.
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collecting Nendoroids!! I have around 30 of them lined up on top of my shelf and one of them cost about 40-50$. Anyways I am very proud of my collection and I will continue to collect more of them.
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Aside from music I am a sailing instructor. That takes up quite a lot of my time which is fine in the summer but does get a bit tedious at times during winter when I prefer snow sports. I like snowboarding whenever I get the chance (not very often), have a strange fascination for the goon show and am attempting to get my 1987 mini on the road before it falls apart.

I also passively collect iem tips
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Music (actually making it rather than just listening to it :P), photography, lotsa sports, chess, and a few others not on the top of my head right now. If uni study counts as a hobby, that too -_-
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Wrong forum probably, but I scuba dive, do some photography (not at a high level or anything but I'm learning), used to do martial arts (and am hoping to get back to it as soon as my health lets me), and I also believe it or not play in and help run laser-tag tournaments (yeah, I'm a dork) in Laser Storm, Darklight, Lasertron, and Qzar systems. Also used to be a concert pianist but my genetics had other ideas.
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Ham Radio, Sports, Reading, Chasing Women (more chasing than catching, unfortunately ) Record Collecting and Voice lessons (truely a hobby, I just want to get good enuff to do Karaoke without embarassing myself ).

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PS3, cycling, photography, star-gazing

I enjoy music under a starry night.
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detective work, LOL
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Composing music.
Tinkering with old ThinkPads, just fixed up an old A30, converted it in to an A30p, put a wireless card in there and threaded some antennae in to it's case, works like a champ!
Also general computer hardware, operating systems especially Linux and performance optimization.
Astronomy, biology/evolution, well natural science in general I guess.
Also a bit of politics.
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Technical outerwear. I currently own 14 high-quality jackets, and I've got a web site (designed by my friend): jacketreviews.com. I also really like guns.
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