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SOLD: Ipod Touch 16GB (1st Gen)

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For sale is an 16GB Ipod Touch . I bought it sometime in 2008 and used it very lightly. I got the 3.0 software on it. Includes Invisishield on the back casing, which is in pretty good condition (~8.5/10). LCD is in excellent condition (9.8/10).


Reason for selling: I have 2 or 3 other MP3 players as well as a smartphone which I use to play music, so this has been sitting idle the last few months.

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Bump and a price drop
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The model number indicates it is a 1st gen just for everyone's info.
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Yep. First generation.

Still a smoking deal though.
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Sale withdrawn

Bump - Back on Sale.

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BUMP - This is for sale again. Need the funds for other items.

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Is this Touch still for sale?  I live in Tacoma and am very interested in finding a local and gently used iPod Touch for a Christmas gift.  Let me know.  Thanks! 

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Yes, the Ipod Touch 16GB is still for sale.

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BBRADY - PM Sent on 12/10. This is still available.

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Bump again and price drop. This is still for sale.


PS: I just found out the invisishield has a lifetime warranty, so I got it replaced with a brand new one. Will ship with a brand-new invisishield, spray, and squeegee.

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I sent you a PM Smoka

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Free bump. I don't know why this has taken so long to sell... Guys this is a great value, so grab it fast.


(I would, but I've got an iPhone... thus the first sentence: free bump!)

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