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Headed to Europe -- Need some headphones!

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Hey guys,

I am about to hop on a 9 hour flight to London at the end of April... I need some headphones that will work well in an airplane enviroment. I've never been a huge audiophile (lived on bose in ears for the past year) however, I hate the bose on an Airplane because they leak way too much noise. So I was looking at the QC15's from Bose and really liked them, but from what I've been reading I'd be much better off going a different route. The only issue is I have no idea which way to travel.. My budget is around 2-300 dollars, and I welcome anything cheaper but around the same / better quality. I know many people seem to like the AT ATH-M50's but do these suit my application?

Your direction would be greatly appreciated!

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I would recommend the Klipsch Image S2's or the Etymotic ER-6i.

The Shure SE530 can be a great pair of Iems. But they are overpriced.
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The M50's might work. FWIR they have good isolation ~12 db or so. I don't have any first hand experience with airplane noise though.
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If your going to go the full size noise cancelling cans like the QC 15, check out Audio Technica ATH-ANC7...LINK. I recommended them to a friend and she bought them for her BF and he commented that they work well. A little more reasonable price on ebay...LINK.

Or go for any iem, they will block out the engine noise from the plane as long as you obtain a proper seal. I have a pair of Westone's and they did the trick during my overseas flight.

Good luck and safe travel.
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I wouldn't go full size noise cancelling headphones, a small pair of over ear cans will do fine. I recommend the Denon AH-D1001K. They have decent isolation (especially when sound is playing through it, but that's a given), good sound for the money, and should drive fine out of the airplane's little in-seat headphone output if you want to watch movies.
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The reason I was aiming toward the noise canceling route was due to my pure hatred of airplane noises... Drives me insane that constant drone... bleh! lol

So I was going to compare the AT's ANC7b to the Bose QC15... Which would be the better purchase? Price non withstanding as I know that Bose is horribly over priced, speaking on pure quality here?

Thanks again!
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My job require that I travel almost every week. I use the Bose QC2. They're very good at stopping airplane noises. Often I use them without music just to make it silent.
Since Bose QC15 is an upgraded model I guess they would be even better at noise cancelling.
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Are you opposed to wearing IEMs (in-ear, canalphones, etc.) at all? They generally offer the best isolation as opposed to most full-size cans. Comfort might be an issue on a 9-hour flight, though.
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You can get amazing IEM for that price, but if you are dead against them, perhaps the Audio Technicas mentioned above. Don't spend too much moolah on noise cancelling phones.
Another option is to go for the HD 25 I II. Sound great and have amazing passive noise cancellation.
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I've got the Ultrasone HFI-780 and besides their awesome soundstage the noise isolation is superb, you serioulsy dont hear anything while listening to music. I already missed quite alot of phonecalls because I just didnt hear the phone ringing and my girl often gets quite mad at me because she thinks I'm ignoring her while I just dont hear her calling my name from downstairs :P

And ofcourse their sound quality is very good, nice clear sound and defenitely bassy enough.
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I'm definitely not against the IEM route, for some reason I was under the impression that I could get better sound quality from an over ear unit. If this is not the case what IEM can I take a look at in the same quality range?

Thanks again!
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