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Since you mentioned the magnetic field, did anyone else notice that the T50P likes to be driven from an amp? 

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No doubt about it to me - the T50p sounds it's best driven from the RSA P51 for me. Excellent combo, and it's primarily how I use it now.
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Originally Posted by mythless View Post

Since you mentioned the magnetic field, did anyone else notice that the T50P likes to be driven from an amp? 

But ...


" ...There is no longer anything standing in the way of ultimate music enjoyment on portable devices, wherever you may be. iPhone compatible & MP3 ready. ..."




By the way, the Hifiman has an amp ... in my case the GAME


Opamp: OPA627

Buffer: OP634

Gain: 0.9

Distortion: 0.02%

S/N: 101db

Input impedence: 20k Ohm

Maximium Output: 75mw at 33 Ohm, 68mw at 150 Ohm

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What does a marketing snippet from Beyerdynamic have to do with whether the headphone likes amping or not? Of course their marketing would say it doesn't need an amp.


Yes, it likes amping. No, it's not REQUIRED... unless it is. wink.gif

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Yeah ... the ones which build the piece wouldn't know anything about why, how and for what purpose they build it ... ... Qualitätseinstellungen unter performance.vodafone.de ... it's all a marketing gag and kinda conspiracy. (... where do they say explicitly it doesn't need an amp (... for this or that purpose or liking... )? ... they say iPhone compatible and MP3 ready ... so it will work with an iPhone ...)

Though in the end you fall for them and admit that it is not REQUIRED ... Qualitätseinstellungen unter performance.vodafone.de (... unless it is ... (... see below ...) ...)


Sure the T50p does know what it's best for itself ... ... Qualitätseinstellungen unter performance.vodafone.de ... ( ...well, if I think about it, that makes sense actually, in a way ... Qualitätseinstellungen unter performance.vodafone.de, e.g. phenomenological ... but I wonder if it is able to tell us about it and if we are able to understand it properly ...)


Right now I'm contend with the GAME (... and somehow I think the T50p needs an amp too, because straight out of the Sansa Clip I almost couldn't hear the music with the volume turned up full ...(... so maybe you're right with this conspiracy thing after all ... or this Clip is just feeble equipment ... whatever ...)


If I would turn up the volume to max. with the HM-801/Standard it would blast the phones ... (... or at least my ears ...)



All that funny things said, the original question was if somebody noticed whether the T50p likes an amp or not and you and I agree it does whereupon it is not required regarding development efforts claimed by beyerdynamic.


... Qualitätseinstellungen unter performance.vodafone.de... Qualitätseinstellungen unter performance.vodafone.de

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Yeah, thanks for telling me what I hear. I don't know how to decide for myself. Not everything is an argument. Welcome to the ignore list.


/Yay, head-fi no longer has standard forum software that allows for ignore lists anymore.


Ok, I'll phrase it another way. Please stop being so defensive and fight-picking in your posts, or you'll need to be reported. Like I said, you don't have to say everything with an attitude of "Defy me! I dare you!" - just say what you think about the headphones and let others enjoy as well. Every post of yours I read is argumentative in some way.

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Oops. I'm sorry.


It wasn't meant that way ... I was really joking around ... why should I pick a fight ...


The only relevant clause is the last one.


In my first post I only wanted to state, that beyerdynamics seems to have developed the phones to be used directly with the iPhone and MP3 players in mind, though I use an amp myself.


Reading my last post again ... well, o.k. it was a little bit to crass ... sorry again.

Take it with a big grain of salt.

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Good, I hate to be alone on that, haha.  I especially love them out of my hybrid amp, I don't know what it is (I don't know much about amps) but that tube smoothness and warmth is a great combo, Kicas not as much, I'm still struggling between SS and Tube.


On a side note, the review on the TMA-1 off headfonia really reminds me of the Ortofon O-One.  If it is like that I don't think the T50P have much to fear, two completely different markets (though, they are anyways).

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The T50p definitely sounds better amped.I"m using the I-phone 3GS>ALO Triple Pipe LOD>TTVJ Slim>T50p.Has more speed and impact than the plan I-phone out.

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I'm back to the T50p, mostly k701smile.gif

I listened to some more different stuff over both phones (e.g. Tom Waits Mule Variations and Real Gone, David Bowie Heathen, Vivaldi Four seasons (again), Brian Eno Small Craft on a Milk Sea, Television Marquee Moon, Sparks Exotic Creatures of the Deep, Dire Straits Dire Straits, Violent Femmes Violent Femmes)

The reason why some instruments seemed to sound more full / musical to me is because of the enhanced bass fundament/base (which does not mean booom booom booom though).
That's why these phones were so pleasing to my ear.

But with different music and changing back to T50p and as I got to know the effect I also felt missing some details and separation with more complex music.

This becomes especially apparent with David Bowies Heathen (... by the way ... I got the CD and the SACD only version ... what a difference ... )


I also think, vocal perception is better with the T50p.

So the TMA-1 are still very pleasingly sounding phones, but I'm back to the T50p despite their own shortcomings because of their more detailed, bright and responsive sound, some deeper bass with even more impact than the TMA-1 and really much better portability due to their size.

I don't know of other phones around there in the T50p dimension factor class which are acclaimed equal good sounding.
If there are I would be glad to get to know of them ...

... since the T50p sound could still need some improvements.

Sometimes it is missing some "volume" (I don't mean loudness) and fundament, which the TMA-1 have.

Also the TMA-1 definitely look and fell better biggrin.gif


... when I'm in a special mood ... maybe I will change to the TMA-1 from time to time ... L3000.gif

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Sorry for some English mistakes but it isn't my native language and I'm just mentally exhausted right now, but I finally had the occasion to try the T50p. And boy was I in for a surprise (that very last word is to be understood without any pejorative or meliorative connotation) !


First the build quality :

By looking at pictures, I was expecting something quite good, but certainly not on par with the B&W P5 for example. Well, I actually think that it is better. The object feels heavy in the hand and breathes quality. The stainless steel is superb (it looks much more plasticky in pictures than it really feel in your hands). The black part on the earcups feels like some rubberized plastic (if you've seen the Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras, it's similar). The external meshed plate feels again much better than it looks on pictures.

The pleather is your typical pleather, nothing outstanding here.

The swivel joints are secure, but also without much resistance, which is great : the earcups automatically rotate to correctly face your ears. I currently have the ESW10 from Audio Technica and it's a real pain where you know to spend so much time everytime I put them on to adjust the earcups to my ears.

The cable is thin, but it's already better than the one found on my ESW10 and it's got a L-shaped plug (less risk of breaking in your jean pockets).

Isolation felt superior to my ESW10 (not hard), better than the ES10 and roughly on par with the HD25 I tried in the same store.


The sound :

I was expecting something bassless, without any impact or lower registers, thin sounding, but with great soundstage, micro-details and trebles.

What I got was totally different.

However, please note that they only had 2 hours of burn in and I tried them for 30 minutes in a decently quiet audiophile store.



What I got : exactly what is on the headroom graph. That is to say : a treble spike around 8000 hz, a major dip around 4000, an other spike in the lower midrange and a fairly powerful subbass.

At that time I could only concur with what is written in the headfonia's review : it felt like it had two different drivers and that it had a damping issue.

But I had the intuition to think that damping actually goes both ways : outwards (towards the earcup), but also inwards (toward your eardrum, like IEMs). So I just pressed the earcups quite strongly towards my ears. And then : Tadaaaaaa ! Without suddenly becoming a fantastic pair of headphones, it did balance nicely their frequency response. I got a stronger upper midrange, and a diminution of the midbass boominess. It still conserved its overall caracter, but got closer to a neutral frequency response.

Under this condition, it had quite something of a bass impact : actually, it was stronger than my ESW10 and it extended lower .After all that had been said about them, I was pleasantly surprised when Massive Attack's angel started to play : the bass was more controlled, had better texture and extended deeper than on my ESW10.

Midrange is basically the polar opposite : the ESW10 has an upper midrange emphasis with a strong dip in the lower mids (around 600 hz). It make vocals very intimate and textured, but sometimes a little dry. The T50p in contrast has a stronger lower midrange than its upper midrange : vocals felt a bit more full bodied, but as they did not have as much upper mid presence, they had less attack and texture, which might correspond to what has been said about them : they felt honky. Though, with the "earcup pressing mode", they became more correct (and I prefered them to the ESW10).

Highs were very detailed and already refined with only two hours of burn in. With that in mind I can already say that they easily surpass my ESW10 by a very long shot here.


Of course I'd look like a completely silly person in the street if I were to wander with both of my index fingers constantly pressed against both earcups. So while no salesman was suspiciously looking at me I did the unthinkable and applied some torsion to the headband. When I put them back on, I did not notice any difference. So I went for another more brutal try. And clamping finally improved. I believe that bending the headband in further would have given me even better results, but I did not continue the torture any longer.


So in the end I'd say that I prefer their sound signature (but only with stronger clamping) to the one of my ESW10. I also felt (and was really surprised here) that they were just as good in technicalities.

I know that this statement goes against some comments here. It seems the T50p will remain controversial headphones for a long time !


I also had the time to listen to the ES10 and compare the three of them.

I think the ES10 is at least to me a "corrected" ESW10. It's does have a slightly stronger amount of bass, but more importantly it is a truly higher quality. I always felt the ESW10 bass lacked control, texture, definition and extension. Not so with the ES10 which easily surpassed the other two here.

Its midrange did lack as the ESW10 some body in the 500-600 hz region. But it did not have such a strong upper midrange. It was still relatively elevated in comparison with the lower midrange, but the whole midrange region felt a bit more natural to me. Additionally because of the earcup design it did not have any trace of wood resonance, which I felt tended to muddy the lower midrange on the ESW10. Treble was of the same caliber than the ESW10 but with slightly more definition, air and extension. It was halfway between the ESW10 and T50p IMHO. However the one thing to know is that heir treble rendition is the polar opposite (as the mids) : while the T50p is at its strongest point around 8000 - 9000 hz, the ESW10 and ES10 tend to have a downward slope from the upper midrange and then another spike around 11 000 - 12000 hz (at least that's what I hear). So cymbals will sound quite radically different, though it is a matter of taste. I still prefered the T50p trebles (more refined, even without burn in, more details).


I felt the ES10 was the most open sounding of the three, followed by the ESW10 (less open because of poor wood resonance) and the T50p (when not fully pressed on the ears). When I strongly pressed the T50p earcups on my ears, it became more open sounding (though not as open as the ES10 IMHO).

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(... more open sound with more clamping ... that's strange ...)



... you should have tried to bend the adjustable metal parts at the end of the headband ... much easier ... with great effect ... they sound now exactly like the TMA-1 ...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

(that's been a joke, the last part of the sentence)




... es10 ... wow, they capable of ultrasonic sound far above the usual ...


... I might have a look at those ...

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Originally Posted by MayaTlab View Post

I know that this statement goes against some comments here. It seems the T50p will remain controversial headphones for a long time !




I know the feeling.  I've never heard the ES10 or the ESW10 but I am sure they're great headphones.  I for one have been deciding if I should sell off the T50ps but now that the O-Ones are gone they're no longer on the chopping block, until the next fancy toy comes along.

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Hello dear head-fier.


I received my T50P yesterday and give them a quick listen and was not WOWED as expected based on all the comments on this thread. I bought them from a fellow on the FS here and they had about 15 hours. I left them burn with a mix of White/Pink noise and frequency sweep and drum partition for 24 hours and I have tried them tonight (Got them on my head as I typed this) and let me tell you that they have improved A LOT!!!!


First I need to say that they are very comfortable and that they fit my bald head very nicely. With all the speculation of them being to large I was worry that they were going to be loose. Also I did not have any problem finding the good position for the good SQ.


I listen to different style of music going from Pat Metheny to Metalica, Norah Jones, The Eagle and Yo-yo Ma all songs that I know very well and let me tell you that they all sounded very very good.


So far I'm very happy with how balance they are. I do not found them to bright and the mid's are perfect to me. The bass is also very good.


I will let them in burning process but I cannot believed they can improve that much more. 


The Beyer T50P was connected to my Centrance DACPORT and all music was played from Foobar2000 in FLAC or ALAC format. Some was 24 Bits formats.




wink.gif Simon

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Besides this "traditional" burn-in, there is a definite effect of sound improvement because of the self molding of the ear-pads to your ears over time.


Mine are very settled now, and I get the correct position on my head in relation to how the ear-pads do feel on my ears.


By the way I tried some more of this bending of the headband  ... it's really possible to make them perfectly fit this way too and also to raise the pressure to your liking which also effects overall sound.

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