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F/S: Like NEW Shure SE530 $200

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If you would like to pick these up along with the Ray Samuel Tomahawk amp which I also still have up for sale, please PM me. There is a $30 discount with the package (making the phones and amp together for $350 as opposed to $380).

As per my usual, I am the first owner. I baby all my gear. Everything comes complete with instructions, original packaging, accessories (for the Shures they will not come with the set of large foam tips or the tri flange. The tri flange was pretty beat so I tossed them, and the large foam tips were trashed after I tried them on and then tried to remove them, needless to say, due to the tight fight of all Shure foam tips, they were impossible to remove without tearing some of the foam, so those tips were gone since day one).

These also still have a year of manufacturers warranty left on them (you will receive the original receipt as well). Same goes for the Tomahawk amp.
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Still available at a great price
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can i see some pictures, im interested in both.
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Please PM me your e-mail address.
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These are still available and I have a full set of pictures that I've just made today for the above poster.
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Link me up with some pics of the SE530s

How long have you had them and are there anything wrong with it? Any warranty on the iem?
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1 year of manufacturer warranty left on them (receipt is included). Just PM me with your e-mail, I'll e-mail you the pictures. I apologize in advance that they are full sized straight from the camera images so they are quite large (but you get to see them up close and in excellent condition).
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I'll take them!!!!
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I'm doing this through my Amazon storefront, here is the link: Storefront

If you need pictures, again, just PM me your e-mail and I will send them to you. It's obviously on a first come first serve basis, so basically whomever orders them from my Amazon storefront gets them (obviously, seeing as how I only have one of these to sell )
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And these are now officially GONE ladies and gentleman. Thank you SJTrance for your purchase.
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Thank you very much Dookiex. I love them. How do I leave feedback?
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Glad you are enjoying them You can leave me a comment here I guess: Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio - View Profile: dookiex

More importantly, if you can leave me a feedback on my Amazon storefront that would be great I suppose it's available somewhere on my storefront here: Storefront

Enjoy those e530s! They have served me very well.
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