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A Pic-By-Pic AKG k81DJ/k518 Recable Thread...

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Messy desk...

Clean desk! Make sure you keep track of all the parts. Cleaning your desk off may not be a bad idea.

At this point....something smelled fishy. I tested the headphones again and found out one of the drivers doesn't work. Bummer! What does the typical DIYer do? Why take off an identical driver off his spare pair of cans and stick it in.

I just heated up the driver portion with a hairdryer on high, as opposed to using a heat gun because I didn't want to melt the entire housing. The glue surrounding the driver (and potting it into the housing) became soft and pliable and I was able to pry the driver out of it.

Cleaned off the old glue and reapplied hot glue to the new, working driver and stuck it back in, ensuring that all gaps were sealed by glue.

Bill of Materials:

-Mogami Mini-quad (W2893)
-3/16" Nylon Multifilament
-Switchcraft HD35ABAU 3.5mm Plug
-1/2" 3:1 Dual-wall Adhesive Heatshrink
-Black Paracord Sheathing (just take the inner paracord strands out)
-Misc. Heatshrink (I believe I used 1/16" for the portion after the y-split, common 2:1 stuff *NOTE, not ALL 1/16" are made equal...some are slighly bigger than others. The TakeFiveAudio black 1/16" slides perfectly over the wires, whereas the red won't.*)
-Hot Glue
-*SMALL* Zip Ties (to create the strain relief within the cups)

I know...the y-split is still done with grooved pliers....I like it this way . Another recable done...slightly harder than the previous pair of Grado's.

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good job Brendan
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These look great and I am about to do the same thing to my 518's, I do have a question though.  Where did you buy your supplies listed?

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Is it just for me some of these pictures are missing? Want to do this with my K518's, but can't without the full instructions tongue.gif
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The OP hasn't been on since late 2012 so it's unlikely that he'll update. But just yank off the pads and unscrew the cups and it's pretty straightforward from there. The rest is just a nice layout with sleeving and heatshrink.

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