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F/S: Ray Samuel Tomahawk $180 with free US shipping

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Excellent condition. It has been used at home only. No nicks, dents, or wearing of the lettering and art on the body. It has been fully burned in with approximately 700 hours or so. I was going to post this up on Amazon but apparently it doesn't allow for postings of items which they themselves do not carry. Please PM me if you are interested. I am the first owner of this amp and no longer have a need for it since I've moved on to a home amp.

$180 with free shipping in the US.

I'm also selling my Ultrasone Pro 650 for $180. If you wish to buy the 650s and the amp together, I'll sell the set for a $30 discount (total of $330) but PM me about that so that I can close out my Amazon listing.
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Check your PM.
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Still available, pictures upon request. Thank you.

The package deal with the like new Ultrasone Pro 650s is now lowered to $310. I thought that charging $180 for the Ultrasones may have been a bit much, even though they are practically new (apart from being burned it) so the price on those have been lowered by $20. This makes the package deal $310.

Please do not ask for discounts on the Tomahawk, it's pretty much like new except for it being fully burned in.
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Sent PM
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All black.
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Forgot to mention, this still has a year left on the warranty. I have also put up my Shure SE530s for sale for $200. If you would like to pick the Shures up along with the amp, please PM me ($30 discount applies, making the total for that package $350). I baby all my gear thus everything is in like new condition with original accessories, packaging, receipt, etc. No scratches, dings, nicks, etc.
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Still available
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waiting for pick to make decision.
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Still available, and I do apologize in advance that I am only accepting checks and money orders for the amp only. If you wish to purchase the amp and Shure E530 w/ PTH, that will be through Amazon (please PM me in regards to that so I can update the Amazon listing for the Shures before you purchase).
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Just sold my Shure e530s so this amp and my pair of Ultrasone Pro 650s (in pristine condition, price just lowered to $130) are what I have left for sale. The Ultrasones are available at my Amazon store front, pictures available upon request.

What is more pertinent to this thread however is that I am going to LOWER the price of this amp since I seriously have no need for it and since I do not have the e530s, I seriously want to go buy the new B&W headphones ASAP, thus to all of your benefit, the price of this PRISTINE condition amp is going to be lowered to $160.

Checks and money orders only please. Checks will need to be cleared, money orders will not need to be cleared and thus shipped ASAP. Thank you.
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PM sent
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On hold for jriems.

I also have a pair of Ultrasone Pro 650s up for sale in practically box fresh like new condition which I've recently knocked down in price to $130. I really have no need for them since I'm going to buy a pair of B&Ws and since the Tomahawk is going bye bye. Storefront
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Just a friendly notice. I've been getting PMs in regards to this amp which is currently on hold. What I have also been doing is trying to accommodate folks who are interested and wants to be on a "waiting list" of sorts. The list thus far is 2 people. Please be aware that if you ask to be put on the list, you will be either the 3rd or beyond that (first come first served). Thank you very much.
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