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Amp is about 8 years old but in perfect shape and fully broken in. Not used much in recent years. Smoke free house. $110. via paypal includes shipping to usa. Pics upon request (have to take a few)

Audiophiles love the highly "musical" sound of British-made audio components, and Mike Creek delivers smooth and sophisticated performance with his newest OBH-11 headphone amplifier. The OBH-11 is designed to drive a single pair of low to medium impedance (30ohms+) headphones from any line level source - including CD player, pre-amp, integrated amp, tuner, etc.

The OBH-11 uses very similar circuitry to that of Creek's award-winning integrated power amp. Volume adjustment is set by a high-quality, close-tolerance, dual potentiometer of the type normally found in high-end components. Front panel includes volume control and one 1/4" stereo headphone jack. Rear panel has one set of line level inputs. Equipped with its own outboard power supply, the OBH-11 comes complete and ready to go. Syled in a contemporary miniature case the OBH-11 gives you great performance at an affordable price.