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Wait, are you sure they were pleather?


The original D77's I had were real leather back in the day.  Super soft but they wore out.


The D66's I had were like a felt material.


The D22's I had were pleather.  Not nearly as soft/supple as the real leather of the D77 but built for durability.

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Thats my mistake then, the pads on my phones were so worn, i couldn't tell what was on them, looks like worn out pleather though, but i am sure they had already been replaced.


Sadly i never owned or even saw a set of D77's from the day to know what the pads are made of.


Shame there isn't someone who can make decent quality replacements, a set of valor type pads on my d77's would be nice

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Sorry to revive old thread, but answering my own question maybe other MDR-D77 owners would be interested.  Perhaps someone can help translate... i cannot find a email address or other contact.





They look quite nice, but unsure of price etc.

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I just replaced mine by gambling that these Sennheiser pads would fit, and they do. Perfectly.



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Just posted a review http://www.head-fi.org/t/721242/sony-eggo-mdr-d77-spares-earpads-and-cases

of some replacement pads and a cool case for the Eggos

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I too am unsure of the rules. If it's allowed though, I'd like to buy a pair of these from someone. Thanks!

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