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Originally Posted by Jack-Micca View Post

Hey,  this is Jack from the Micca Store. Can you let me know which virus software showed you this warning?  Would it happen to be McAfee?





Hi Jack,

No it is Trend Micro.  This happens sometimes because they have not been able to do a scan of a site yet, so this warning pops up as a precaution.  But in this day and age, it's always good to be safe. 


You do have good reviews on Amazon. 


Ps.  Do you have a date yet when your pre orders will be shipped?

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I see, I thought it might be McAfee because they sell a website virus protection service and I thought maybe this is one of their subtle ways to "encourage" websites to purchase their service.


We are currently tracking the shipment from FiiO and our best current estimate is 5/24/2010.  All pre-orders will be shipped the day after we receive the E7s so that we have a chance to inspect them and make sure that everything survived the trip over intact.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.



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Hi Jack,

How many do you expect in your initial shipment?  I see they are selling for 99.95 right now, but it's my understanding that they are supposed to retail for 79.95.  Will you just refund the 20 after pre orders are sent out? 



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Nonsupremous - We are getting a very modest quantity. :)  The first couple of batches of E7's supply had to be spread out among may of FiiO's distributors and authorized resellers. It's such a hotly anticipated product.


With regards to pricing, I think the $79.95 was an earlier estimate.  It's normal for new product releases to start out at a certain price point and adjust up or down as marketplace uncertainties decrease. Here we are saying that early customers do not have to pay for this uncertainty.  I think I saw that one of the european sellers actually had to increase their price.

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I gotcha.  From what I have read it doesn't seem like 99 would be an unfair price.  Is your first batch already sold out? 

Also, will you guys be stocking the LOD for the Walkman?

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Yes we will be stocking the full line of FiiO products. There are some exciting up coming products, one of them was reveled here on Head-Fi but I don't think people realized what they were looking at.


We currently have the L1 and L3 in stock, and L2 and L5 are coming in on the same shipment as the E7s so they should be here shortly as well. L6, as we've heard from FiiO, is a couple of weeks out at the current estimate.



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I have some great news to report for those who may be looking to use the E7 with an iPad: The E7 works as a USB DAC for the iPad!


FiiO E7 with iPad


The FiiO E7 works as a USB DAC, so the iPad volume control no longer functions. As shown in the picture above, the volume control is all the way to the left, yet the volume out of the E7 is unchanged.  Here we are driving a set of DT990/600 phones that have a 600Ohm impedance.


The E7 is particularly well suited for use with the iPad because it's USB charging feature can be turned off.  With it turned on, the iPad reports that the attached accessory is attempting to draw too much power and turns the interface off.  But once USB charging is turned off, the E7 strictly runs from its internal battery and iPad is very happy to output music over it.


And yes, it sounds great. :)




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Doube post.

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So the E7 pushes 600 ohms pretty sufficiently?  That's great to know. 

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Just got myself Fiio E7, tried on my friend's DT770 pro 250ohm and it can drive it, not that bad.


But everytime I turn the E7 off and then on, I had to manually turn off USB charging. Is it like this on default?


Oh ya, I really hope Fiio would make the LOD for E7. I would like to connect the E7 to my home stereo via line out :)

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Originally Posted by Sibling Chris View Post

uk buyers, mp3amplifiers is expecting stock on 26th May but according to their site still taking preorders, their price has gone up £5 since first @ £60 for some reason I've already been billed for my purchase , but seeing as I've already saved a fiver on what is still a good deal I'm not complaining! :)

Just had an email from mp3amp (24-May) stating that they will receive these on Wednesday (26 May) as you note above, so it looks like all sytems go.

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my E7 is in the post :)


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feiao, did you get my PM?

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Already Reply!

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hi is this the right place to post first impresisons of my E7, or is there another thread?

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