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Originally Posted by TominJapan View Post
Could you give some insights as to how DR-Z5 compares with 6 and 7. I saw an 5 at $150 is that a good price? thnks:)



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its actually pretty remarkable how different these three headphones sound from each other; the Z5 is like a much less warm grado without a soundstage, the Z6 is a downward slope and sounds extremely smooth and euphoric, and the Z7 is incredibly snappy and slammy with superclean bass and absurdly high detail retrieval

To elaborate further, the Z5 is actually noticably faster in attack than the other Z headphones, but at a price. As you go up, the driver becomes slower in attack but much faster in decay. Basically, take a modern Grado, get rid of the warmth and soundstage, and make it isolate like crazy. It has questionable distortion figures and mediocre extension in either end, and it's a little resonant and poorly controlled. It should theoretically also be the hardest to drive to perfection. It sounds a lot more "vintagey" than the other Z headphones, for sure. I'd say $150 is a major rip-off unless it's mint-in-box. 

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Thanks I just saved 150 bucks....
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Also, a note: I was reading the manual again, and I noticed that Sony recommends wearing them with the center of the driver dome/pad opening placed DIRECTLY over the ear canal. This is a lot farther forward than I was instinctually wearing them; they almost feel like they're gonna fall off. However, they're sounding better and are even a bit more comfortable.


As I move them back on my head they become brighter and more aggressive; first the upper mids become more peaky and up-front/loud, then the bass starts to back off. With them sitting forward, the confusion in the soundstage is a lot less pronounced and they sound more cohesive, though it's a little finicky fit-wise. 


Maybe try that, GREQ. I'm not sure how the Z6 will respond to this as mine is out of commission, but I'd assume it'll be good.

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