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First Head-fi India meet in Mumbai on April 10 or 11th  

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Now that I am in India .I am planning for a head-fi/TE meet in Mumbai on April 10th or 11th.I will be flying down to Mumbai for the meet.I wanna check out some audiophile stuff of the Mumbai members.

Its gonna be the first time i will be coming to Mumbai.I have no clue about where should i be staying.Mumbai members decide on a place as to where we will be meeting and suggest me some decent budget hotels in and around that place.

Tentative Members

1) Me
2) Fah33m
3) BF1983
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I am in , posted a link of this in the Indian roll call thread.
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Hi, I stay in Mumbai and would love to attend the meet if it could e postponed by a day. I got my IIT- JEE exam on the 11th, so I won't be able to make it on the 10th or 11th. If you can postpone it by a day, I will surely attend it.
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^ It depends on the interested of other members attending the meet as well.Few folks from the indian tech community www.techeclave.com are gonna join in as well . Let's see ,will keep you updated !

Just out of curiosity,what gear you got ?
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Just a Grado SR225i with an iPod. I'm going to be getting an amp soon though.
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I am not in Mumbai, nor do I plan on being in the area. However, I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome for planning the first meet in your area. It is always an exciting time, and represents the best part of this hobby, is that it can be shared with others all across the world. Good luck, have fun, take lots of pictures, take care.
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^ Hey thanks a lot for those words of appreciation . Felt really good , reading it .

The thing is unlike US and other places where there is lot more concentration of head-fi enthusiasts ,here in India its difficult to come across like minded people and its even more difficult to source any of the brands recommended here on Head-fi . So the only option we guys are left with is ordering online directly or pay hefty charges to importers . Most people think its ridiculous to have IEMs ,cans worth 100-200$ and an amp for a headphone almost makes my friends faint :P

This meet should bring together the small number of like minded people and give us an opportunity to audition different audio gear which we usually can't.Should be fun and exciting !!
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Even if the headphones are available here. they will be twice the cost as in the US.
Headphone amps and all are extremely hard to find and you don't have a buying and selling market here like in the US. :/
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Arn't you supposed to be revising for JEE? :P

Lets postpone it by a week...i really want try the grados
And maybe will get a toy to showoff by then
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I've got my final semester papers from ~20th ,so it's gonna impossible for me to make it next week ,also Metalspree who is traveling all the way from Bangalore to meet us will be leaving for New Zealand around 15-17th so he can't make it as well .

@Nukey , don't worry we guys keep meeting @ TE meets regularly anyways .You can show me your new toy ,then . Even I really want to try out the Grados..Maybe we can meet ConGrUenCy later sometime when we all are free .

@ConGrUenCy ,Where in Mumbai do you stay ?
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This is wonderful news and a definite start in the right direction. Sadly I am in US now and will not be able to participate, otherwise I'd have been there.

It is just hard to get any gear in India and I jumped at the first chance to come to US so that I can get my hands on some nice gear. But India is improving, it is slow but surely improving. I remember till 2 years back I could not get my hands on Denon AH-D2000 even though I was willing to pay more than it was worth but these days there are means.

Hope things go well.
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I stay at Churchgate.
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Venue has been decided .I am flying from bangalore .There was a good response for the meet on an Indian forum



* Arenja Plaza, Plot No. 52, Sector 15, CBD-Belapur (E), Navi Mumbai

* Landmark: Next to Moti Mahal

* Phone: 65141234

Time: 2PM

Date: 11th April

In case u need assistance with directions PM Fah33m
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wow..awesome guys..look forward to seeing and reading some impressions!
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I can't come, got my IIT JEE on the 11th from 9-5.
Anyway, have fun whoever is going!
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