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I also experienced similar problem, but after installing rockbox everythin is fine plus I`ve got parametric EQ :)

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After reading the last few pages in this thread I realized I made a boo boo. I put Rockbox on the actual player and not the card... redface.gif

I just got it a couple weeks ago and don't have much music on it yet, kind of been slacking to do so. Could I reformat it and the card? Would it be that much work?
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You're supposed to put Rockbox on the player's internal flash.
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That's what I did I think. When I turn it on I get the Rockbox software. I've seen dual booting mentioned elsewhere but didn't understand how to do it. In the menu under Files, Rockbox shows my card as .
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Rockbox has a dual-boot feature. To boot into the original firmware, press and hold the Left button while turning on the player.

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Thank you for replying and making me feel a bit better. I haven't had any trouble with mine but it was nagging at me that I may have done something wrong along the way because I have a habit of doing that.
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All hail the greatest DAP :D

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Can anyone direct me to a settings guide...


For example what sounds the best with the EQ settings, dithering on/off etc etc.

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i never use dither and have never been able to tell that it does anything


as far as eq thats dependant on your headphones and your personal preference


some people like the crossfeed, some dont


everything else you can leave alone. 

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When I use the EQ on foobar I tend to EQ downwards....


With rockbox is it better to use precut and then use positive settings?


For example:


precut 8db

32hz +6db

80hz +6db

125   +0db

250   +0db


Instead of:


precut 0db

32hz +0db

80hz +0db

125   -6db

250   -6db



I dont completely understand how all these different EQ types high shelf, low shelf, peaking etc. work together and what the best settings are to avoid distortion

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The Rockbox manual has a very clear explanation of what each setting does and also some advice on what to avoid doing.
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Hmmm I am suprised at how much better the bass on the clip+ is with rockbox.... Definately better than the default firmware..


I said before the clip+ has weak bass... But it is actually pretty good now... Could have a bit more texture but it is not lacking quantity now.

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Both firmwares should sound the same if the settings are equal

Things that might cause a real difference:

The pitch error in the OF.
The resampler in Rockbox if your audio file isn't 44100 Hz.
The OF apparently has dither enabled by default (OF produces a little noise with a silent file - RB only does so if dither enabled)
Gain change caused by Replay Gain being on by default in Rockbox.

The Replay Gain change is only a difference in level while the first two possibilities would be actual tonal changes. Dither might produce a slightly nicer impression in the OF that a listener might interpret in different ways.

The most likely thing is that the levels are different. I level matched my Clip+ against my other players by playing a tone into a recorder. I had trouble with Clip+ OF vs Rockbox because while I could reliably select the same level every time in Rockbox I couldn't do so easily (easily mattered because it was done out of idle curiosity) in the OF except at maximum level. But if you level match the OF and Rockbox and play 44100 Hz file with Replay Gain not effective then there ought not be a difference.

If someone knows of a reason why there would be a difference I'd welcome a correction.
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Well they might sound the same and probably do like you say but with the OF it is not possible to get the bass just right so that you can have  boosted sub bass without it leaking into the midbass. On rockbox I have set it up so it has the low shelf filter below 70hz boosted by 6db and then tboosted sub bass with no bleed into the mids bass... I could not achieve this with the puny 5 band EQ on the OF.... When I set the first band to anything over about 4-5db it would give bleed into the lower mids / mid bass....

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how do you install fonts?
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