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just download the rockbox installer and the original zip+ firmware. Follow the steps in order and you'll be finesmily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by zzffnn View Post

Going to Rockbox one of my Clip+. Not sure I can do it by myself but I will try first.

The official Rockbox web site is not dummy friendly. I guess they assume that most young dudes nowadays are smart enough, such that they do not need a step-by-step dummy guide?

It's easy as it can get. You can even download a .exe wizard from their website that will do the install for you, you just select the apropriate directory (your SD card) and the kind of Clip you have.

I did it in the first try, no sweat.

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^ Thank you guys.

I did it in like 10 minutes, most of which was spent looking for that Sansa firmware. Works perfectly and no more difficult than usually software install.

Rockbox is so much faster than stock with turn-on speed, especially with my 32gb MicroSD. Crossfeed and EQ are icing on cake!
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Recently I got a Clip+ and rockboxed it.


All fine and dandy and overall pleased with it, but sometimes it doesn't detect any files at all, none.


I have to turn it off, boot it in the OF, and see the files just fine, then turn it off again, boot it in RB, then it works again.


Anyone know the reason for this and how one might fix it?

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Got my Clip+ today, first thing I did was Rockbox. The EQ is excellent, love having the parameters to play with.


Hooked to my E17, loving it. What a player for the money!

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Now, my microSDHC cannot be read, even by my comp. Can detect but got no contents, never even tell me how much space avail all that.

When I connected to PC, it asked me to format before I can use, so I tried, but then format failed.

Anyone able to help?

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Okay, tried both manual and utility install, both giving me the same problem.


"no .rockbox directory" on boot up in RB. Sometimes it just hangs at the Rockbox screen.


It works fine about 20% of the time, which is weird to me because it should either work or not work!


The .rockbox folder is right there in the player's root folder.. When I explore it on my PC, it's right there.. Contents and all.. Took great care to follow each step of the installation closely..


Anyone have any ideas?

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Rockboxed my Clip+ yesterday. It's great. So much options, speed and great SQ. Much better then my old Creative Zen Micro Photo.

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Did mine last night too. Tinker, tinker, tinker. Crossfeed sounds good.

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Is the Clip+ really that good? I mean, no doubt it's excellent value but is it able to compete with the mid-range DAPS (Colorfly C3, etc.)?

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Originally Posted by i2aNe View Post

My rockbox'd Sansa Clip+ sounds better to me than a Cowon J3. I'm just blown away by how good this small, cheap little player is.

Is this an advertisemnet or what?  Ha, ha, ...


Ordering my Clip+ tomorrow, because I cannot find my Debit Visa card now. ...

and after a couple of weeks  I'll Rockbox  it ... and then Rock and Roll.  ...

and, then and only then, I'll become a legit member of this eclectic Society.

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The newest Rockbox build has a 10-band fully parametric EQ, up from the previous 5 band. Between that and the Meier-style crossfeed setting, it's easy to get great sound.

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what version is it?

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Originally Posted by nonsupremous View Post

what version is it?

If you're using the installer, just select the "Development Version" aka the current build. I learned about it here....http://www.rockbox.org/since-4weeks.html

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Ahh...ok.  I just haven't been able to get the mid range dialed in and it's getting me frustrated.  I get close but then it goes off to sounding like I'm listening to someone singing in a metal trash can. 

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