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So how do you deal with annoyingly long cables?

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I have a pair of A900's. They're plugged into the amp about 2 feet from me, but its cable length is 3 freakin' meters. This translates to around 2 meters in cable just dangling there, and when I'm not using them, about a foot's worth is sitting right on the floor. Sometimes I wind them up, but they get stupidly twisty later on, so I just leave them as is; sometimes, I just pile it onto the side table in a loose bundle. Thing is, I'm also afraid the dogs or rats or whatever might end up chewing them up. How do you guys deal with stuff like this? Especially for those guys who have some headphones with ridiculously expensive cable which you probably wouldn't want scuffed or damaged. Do you guys use cable winders or twist ties to bundle up the cable, or have some strange magical cable holding mechanism? (because according to an audiophile friend, letting cables get too close causes interference; magnetic fields or whatnot, I suppose)
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Originally Posted by Zeroblade View Post
So how do you deal with annoyingly long cables?
I shorten them. That's what I have done with all of my headphones: HD 600, K 501, DT 880, HD 650, K 701, HD 800... (...and later ordered an aftermarket cable of appropriate length for some of them).
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Usually just let it dangle. Most of the time I'm no more than 5 feet away from my coffee table and I sit on the floor , but if it starts to bother me, I'll recable.
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I usually just shorten them and attach a Rean connector on the end. Either that or, if I think they're worth it, I'll just completely recable them.

Failing that you could always try one of these.
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I recable all my headphones, so not a problem for me.
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For my HD201's, which have the most stupid long cable ever, I use a twist tie. Everything else I just let dangle.
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I shorten them or use velcro cable binders.
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Like Adda said, Velcro bindings or Twist ties found on bread bags... Sometimes I even throw them over my shoulder if I'm moving. My Denon AH-D2000's have an extremely annoying cable...
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Cable solutions

I would hate the cables to get under office chair wheels.
I found a little headphone stand is a great way to store the set and works well to elevate the cables from the floor. You could set it at any length, just wrap around the hook. This took 2 hours to build with mix and matching, works well with multi purposes and still looks like a piece of furniture.

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Roll it up and keep it together, I have yet to gain experience with re-cabling.
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I only had one shortened, my sr225i, so that I could use it portably a little better, but the others I just let dangle.
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I really wouldn't worry too much about what sonic effects rolling up your cable might have. Just get it buttoned down with a twist tie or rubber band, and listen.
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I roll over the cables repeatedly with my chair
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just use a twist tie and then a cable clip (Amazon.com: 3M Command 17302 Small Cord Clips: Home Improvement) attached to my desk. i'll post a pic later
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sorry for the crappy photo quality...i don't have a very good camera
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