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I would posit that the T1 is a neutral headphone, or the HD-25, the HD800 tends to stridency. Although the story goes that the first Grados were purpose-built headphones for monitoring recordings, they were still voiced to an ideal by the elder patriarch of the Grado clan. I don't pretend to be an arbiter of true neutrality and there may not be a truly neutral phone for everyone due to HRTF variances. However I stand by the statement that I have never heard a neutral Grado, despite owning a few of them and holding their sound in high regard.

OT, but the measurements for the Audio Technica AD2000s are some of the best I've seen, they indicate at least the potential for a very neutral presentation.
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Headphone neutrality is a physical impossibility, due to the differences between how our ears reflect sound waves anyway, so it's a moot point.

AD2000s are quite mid-forward by the way. The closest we can get is a general lack of over- or under-emphasis on any part of the audible sound spectrum.
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Can someone tell us which cable upgrade would make the HD800 more


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