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i cant comment on ultrasones but the m50 vs the dt770 i used to own shakes out like this... dt770 is a bit more articulated and separated with more impact. the m50 is a warm bass immersion that sort of bleeds into the rest of freq range. m50 has a more fun full bass compared to the dt770 in my opinion, i loved the dt770 but when it comes to a fun listen i would reach for the m50 vs the analytical slam of the dt770. This is my opinion and not fact, everyone has different ears so please no flaming me for this type of comparison. good luck!
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How comfortable are the M50s? I HAD the Sony XB700 as my bass heavy headphone, but there was something I didn't like about where they put the stitching on the pads that just hurt my head, so I returned them. They sounded amazing though.
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^ i think i have a pretty normal sized head but if you had a big head i can imagine these having a good grip on your head. But... these are a monitoring can/dj type build so they need to stay on your head when moving around thus a tighter clamp. id say they're an 7.5 out of 10 and for me 10 being the AT series by audio tech with the wing system. if your wearing them for under 2 ish hours at a time they should be just gravy! there are no stitches to speak of in any contact with my head "madlustenvy".
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I own the AD-700 which uses the wing system and I HATE their fit (too lose, slide off, etc). I will never buy any winged headphone ever again. This is why I want a traditional band like what the M50's have.
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i've heard the beyer dt150's are good.
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I gave in to temptation and went for the ATH-M50s. I hope they serve me well.
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Also, there are a lot of different dt-770 models....pro, 32-ohm, 250 ohm..... whats the difference between them?
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M Audio Q40s!Blows the DT770/80ohm away.
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Originally Posted by TekeRugburn View Post

Also, there are a lot of different dt-770 models....pro, 32-ohm, 250 ohm..... whats the difference between them?

There's Pro and Premium. Pro uses cheaper materials and look costetically different. The sound is different between the Pro and Premium, I don't know why. I guess it's the way the sound bounces off the different material, perhaps them being balanced differently, maybe someone else can chime in.


The Pro has an 80ohm version which the Premium doesn't have. It's VERY emphasized on bass, More so than other Pro models and all Premium models.


32ohm are easiest to drive and are aimed for portable devices. The more ohms, the harder to drive. Apparently there's a difference in sound quality when comparing the 32 and 250ohm vs 600ohms. I've been told the 32 and 250 is similar with the 250 being just a tad bit harder to drive, and the 600ohm has an even more refined sound compared to the other ohm versions. I myself don't like to deal with too much equipment, so I'd always get something with less than 100ohm, just because I don't wanna spend more money on equipment to bring out the potential of the harder to drive headphones. If you got money to spend, the 600ohm is for you. They have the best potential.

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