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I am afraid I am an impatient sort and I will need to make a decision by mid April when funds become available.
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Last I heard the WA6 had a 4 week wait. My CSP-2 is going to take about 4 weeks (1 week left yay), and Maple Audio looks like it has a nice queue going.
I know Eddie Currents only builds certain amps certain times of the year. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

The point being is your probably going to have to wait. It's maddening this hobby.
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Nobody is sticking up for the LD MK VIII, primarily because nobody has one yet compared to the Woo WA6, which is quite loved but much more expensive. I would go for the MK VIII myself, as it seems like a very refined design with tons of power, and a much better value. I'm sure they both sound great
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Nice to hear good words for the MKVIII
TBH I have no technical knowledge so the design is a mystery to me.
I like the idea of going balanced as most say it brings the 650 to life but I also love the quality of the more boutique amps such as the Woo, Maple, DNA etc.

Right now I am thinking it would probably be between the MKVIII and the WA2 but it is pot luck isn't it.

I could easily swing for a Sonnet from DNA or a Maple tree if I had the chance to listen.
I know what I want but dont know who can give it to me, frustrating really.

I suppose what I want more than anything is a connection to the emotion of the music.
I love the description many give to the Sonnet for this reason.

Jack tells me that the WA2 is warm and tubey, I like that along with sweetness.

David tells me that the little Dot MKIII I have and enjoy is displaying their "HOUSE" sound so I would love the MKVIII.

It is going to conme down to which is easiest to source I think.

One thing against the WOO is that I would want to take some of the upgrades which will shoot the price up.

I can land the LD for less than a grand AUS.
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hey - so which one did you go for?

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What anm ^ said, I'm curious too!

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Have heard both, you won't go wrong with either of them. But MK8 is fully balanced amp and hd 800 sounds great with balanced outs.cant tell much difference with hd 650s though.

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DId you get the LD MKVIII ?


Ive had the HD650 on a balanced Zu Mobius cable with the LD MKVI.

The LD MKVI really takes the HD650 to a great open sound with the Mobius cable and tears the infamous veil clean off to my ears anyway.

The LD MKVI takes tubes that are relatively affordable and available in many good NOS types with the ability to tune the sound signature from relatively neutral to very warm but not overly lush. If you

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Little Dot MK6 has great synergy with the HD650.

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